Update: Only 4 days to enter the 1 Day 52 Week No Car Challenge!

The following people who have posted a reply to the original post have been officially entered into the 1 Day 52 Week No Car Challenge:

  1. Art Ortiz
  2. JT
  3. callmemisspriss
  4. BikeMan
  5. justpaul
  6. Sleepyhead
  7. Rand M
  8. Tina M
  9. Sean Clancy
  10. Rick Titone
  11. TandeMan
  12. Fish
  13. Jenny R

If you’re interested in officially entering your name/handle and taking the challenge, comment to the original post by midnight on Saturday, January 8th.

Here are the rules:

  • Submit a reply to a new weekly post, once a week after your non-motorized vehicular day!
    • Describe your day; the highs, the lows and whatever else you’d like to share
  • Must chose an alternative mode of transportation for errands, work, or pleasure trips for round trips from your current residence
    • Walking
    • Bicycle
    • Public Transportation
    • Other non-motorized vehicle
  • Must be for at least one 24 hour consecutive period per week
  • Use the Honor System!

Here are the rewards:

  • We’ll give you a one of a kind tee-shirt and possible future incentives at NYE 2011; TBD

Sponsored by Car Share Co-Op of Oak Cliff

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