One Car, No Car series: A trip to the grocery store

Since moving to a one car household back in July of this year, certain adjustments had to be made.  First, we share household chores and I don’t get out of doing my turn of the shopping just because I don’t have a car.  Nor do I always want to wait to get the car to do so.  What changes now is that I have to plan out my trip accordingly.   Just like most people do, a list is drafted the previous evening, I picked a time during the day that would be the best for me, and I spent approximately one hour for the errand.

Here’s a breakdown of my purchase:

  • Spent:  $116
  • Load:  4 full grocery bags, plus a variety of beverages

The round trip is 3 miles and my duration on bike is approximately 20 minutes.  I had 40 minutes to do a full load of shopping with all of the extra heavy stuff, and I was able to accomplish this with a trailer I purchased on Craig’s list.

Of course, this is not for everyone!  I merely would like to point out what can be accomplished with a little extra planning and capacity.  Having the ability to carry around larger items has certainly given me more flexibility with my bicycle.

Sponsored by Car Share Co-Op of Oak Cliff


  1. I neeeeeever even thought about getting one of those baby haulers and converting it to a beer/grocery/etc. hauler. What a great idea! It seems so obvious………

    Now that the crappy Albertson’s near me in Casa Linda will be selling beer and wine soon, I think that there might be a little bike trailer in my future.

    Way to ditch one of your cars, too!


  2. My mom used her converted baby hauler to carry folding tables back from Wal-mart but I love my Croozer Cargo:

  3. The one used in the picture is strictly for cargo use, however I love the idea of using it for children and cargo as well. Basically, whatever can fit and meet the weight capacity!

  4. I’ve been using a child trailer for picking up my produce from Urban Acres and my groceries from Tom Thumb for a while now.

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