Weeks 17, 18, 19, 20 & 21: 1 Day 52 Week No Car Challenge

A proud sponsor of the One Day 52 Week No Car Challenge

A proud sponsor of the One Day 52 Week No Car Challenge

Week 17, 18, 19, 20 & 21: Reset

The last several weeks I’ve missed several posts.  I’m offering a reset to all of those still participating.  We’re currently on Week 21, based on my rudimentary calculations (counted each week by hand!).  Post by the end of Saturday this week if you’re still in the game.

Anyway, as the summer heats up, riding once a week is getting more challenging.  For those of you still at it, let me hear you!


  1. No car – cycling exclusively with light rail assist now since early April . Forgot how much it sucks to ride in our torrential rainfall days lately. But, I do get to use my rockin REI raingear and goretex waterproof boots for more than just backpacking! – priceless….

  2. Jenny R · ·

    Last week I commuted by bike 4 days but had to do some car errands so I think I got in 2-3 car free days. This week I have had 1 car free day. I’m not yet able to tote 2 big bags of dog food on my bike, but maybe I’ll get there 🙂

    The heat is definitely going to be a challenge. My home is a lot closer to the train station than some of the other participants, so I can get by without having to shower at work (no showers there anyway), but I’m not sure what I’m going to do on the hottest days. Not giving up on the challenge though!

  3. Sleepy Head · ·

    I didn’t technically qualify most of May because of a few once-in-a-life (fortunately pleasant) events but if you are offering a reset…I will take it. I will bring back some good pictures from Oklahoma by bike next week.

  4. I’ve been going car-free since the challenge, opting to ride my bike to everything from work commutes to grocery shopping. I have been terrible about weekly updates due to me not having much to say. I can say, however, that since I have started this challenge:
    1. I can count on one hand the times I’ve commuted to work in a car this year. (I’ve ridden my bike in the snow, stopping to push some cars back on the road, as well as the rain… it’s just nature)
    2. I’ve lost 30 lbs and still counting
    3. My total cholesterol has dropped 50 points! My doctor was debating if I would have to get on meds, not now!
    4. My blood pressure has dropped to normal levels, it was pre-hypertensive.
    5. My wife checked out my legs while going up the stairs. 🙂

    The summer weather will be a challenge, but I am up for it. So far, I’ve been able to ride in cooler workout clothes and switch to work clothes once at the office. As the mornings heat up, I suspect a shower at the gym by the office will be in order. I’ll keep you updated.

  5. David Rodriguez · ·

    Count me in the challenge. Well the last couple of weeks have been crazy. Finals, work, rain, flats and simply short in time. There was one week where I had absolutely no way to get to Royal Lane Station so I had to walk. I don’t have anything against walking, it’s just that the train station or nearest bus stop is more then a 30 min walk. I’ve noticed that I been a lot more tired since I been limited to riding my bicycle.

    I remember I started riding my bike in late July, which I believe is the hottest time in Dallas. I do remember it being really hot and I had to stop often to rest. I think I had to stop often because I was still unexperienced. So for right now, I am looking forward to riding in the summer. It will be my first full summer in Texas (I usually escape to california).

    This challenge is always on my mind. I know at least once a week I ride my bike to work/school/play. Until next post, ciao.

  6. Jenny R. · ·

    justpaul, congrats on your health improvements! That is amazing!

  7. Jenny R. · ·

    Yesterday was car free and after work my husband & I did a couple errands by bike.

  8. Jenny R · ·

    Car free today…man it’s getting hot out here!

  9. Jenny R. · ·

    I’ve continued to do multiple car free days each week and at least 1 leisure / errands trip by bike. One night I rode to the pub after work and this past Monday rode to Braum’s to try some of thieir new flavors.

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