Week 10: 1 Day 52 Week No Car Challenge

A proud sponsor of the One Day 52 Week No Car Challenge

A proud sponsor of the One Day 52 Week No Car Challenge


Week 10: Mardi Gras Parade

See raw footage taken from within last weeks very successful Mardi Gras parade!


  1. Day three car-free this week!! Loving how each day is a different adventure. I think I forgot to post last week – was car-free on the beach for 4 days though. 🙂

  2. Due to a medical issue with one of the puppies (for the record he’s fine), I only made it car free two days this week. Took DART to and from work and biked to the gym on Monday and Tuesday. Walked the dogs to the vet on Tuesday. It’s really nice to live in a neighborhood where there are amenities within walking distance. This challenge has made me appreciate that about the M Streets.
    Will be in NYC for part of next week. It’s been a while since I’ve been there and have read a lot about changes they’ve made to their biking infrastructure. Am excited to see them firsthand!!

  3. Art Ortiz · ·

    Went car free monday-wednesday. Had family fly in from Miami and we had to use the car pick them up. However, we did take them on the DART trolley from downtown to uptown, then the train back into downtown. Then we took them to the Mav game taking the train too. Before they came we told them they should expect to walk or take public transportation while visiting us. So far, they love that my wife and I can ride, walk or take public transportation. They said they wish they could do the same in Miami.

    Bikeman, just recently there is a push to now remove the bike infrastructure they have built. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/06/nyregion/06sadik-khan.html?_r=1

  4. Car free yesterday….sick today, ugh.

  5. Rick Titone · ·

    I managed to go car-free Monday, Tuesday and thursday this week. Biked to work two days; Thursday I worked at home, then biked to a meeting at my church in the evening.

    Going car-free in the US is a political statement, whether you mean it to be or not. The need to drive has been ingrained in our culture as an assumption for 60 years. People see you as a rebel or oddball. I see myself as having woken up from a mistaken assumption: you CAN get around without a car, but it takes planning and resourcefulness. I chose to live on an inner city location to be close to the amenities I like. I now choose to use businesses and institutions that I can get to without a car whenever possible. I am incredibly lucky to have a home within easy biking distance to my job, church, gym and other regular haunts. I’m even more lucky to have a partner who works for DART, which gets me a free transit pass. These options allow me to be free of the tyranny of driving (mostly anyway). I only hope that I can get others to realize that we all can make choices that give us freedom from the car.

  6. callmemisspriss · ·

    I was only car-free on Monday- and not happy about it! I like to have multiple car-free days in my week. This week was out of the norm, as I had to work most of the week at a store in Allen. The Dart rail only goes to Parker Rd, so it was too far for me to bike to work. It was actually pretty depressing driving up to Allen, as I prefer dense urban spaces to the wide open sprawl of the exurbs. I also found an additional part-time job located in Plano, so I’ll be looking for car-free ways to get there. I missed my bicycle this week. I did ride on Tits Tuesday, and as always it was super fun! This next week will back to business as usual, and I plan to ride to work four days this week. Yea spring!

  7. David Rodriguez · ·

    Apart from being ill and going to mexico, I managed to fit in some bike time in my schedule. I found a safe route to work, school, and now I need to find a safe route into Las Colinas so I can work out on the Champion Trail. Although riding my bicycle anywhere is possible in the DFW there are times when you just have to drive. It can get inconvenient at times waiting for the DART or the extra time it takes to get on a bike but look at the bright side, I am losing weight and my carbon footprint has dramatically been cut.

  8. Sleepy Head · ·

    I went Tuesday without a bike and enjoyed riding a lot the rest of the week. I was going to take pictures this week but that didn’t really happen…so here is a demonstration of transporting your bike on the train the easy way. If you can find the seat.


  9. Sleepy Head · ·

    I had an excellent week on the bicycle. I went car-free Tuesday but didn’t the bike. Took DART coming and going and went to the teacher rally at Main Street Park on the way home. Went to the launch of the bike racing series at Fair Park. It was great to see something like that going at Fair Park…grab a chair and bring some refreshments any Thursday. Or just enter. Next up: Switching Gears is going to mount my fenders so I will be ready for Spring Showers!

  10. Bike Man · ·

    Don’t see anywhere to post for week 11 so I’ll just post on here. Went car-free on Tuesday in Dallas. Took DART bus in to work and home. Stayed hone that night to prepare for trip to NYC.

    Went car-free on Friday and Saturday here in NYC. Rented a bike on Friday and rode through the streets of NYC. It was a blast!!!! They’ve done an amazing job make spaces for people in the city. I know that sounds odd but when you look up Broadway and see people sitting in the middle of what used to be space for cars and they’re snacking it just people-watching – it’s pretty amazing!! Rode across the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. Poor Jacklyn Floyd would have had a caniption if she saw the merging of pediatrians and bikes on the bridges. Rode throug the streets of Manhattan up to Times Square. Would have never dreamed it possible the last time I was up there 5 years ago. Cannot wait for the Dallas Bike Plan to start rolling out!!!

  11. Rick Titone · ·

    Week 11 report: got thru Monday and Tuesday on my bike (worked from home Tuesday). Had errands on Wed. that required a car so drove to work too. Thursday we cabbed to D/FW for a long weekend in NYC. We have managed to avoid car and cabs since we got here. Took the train from Newark to Penn Station and easily walked to our hotel from there (even with rolling bags. Have taken subway or bus everywhere except on Friday. We rented bikes for the day, exploring the many bike lanes added in the past 2-3 years. We rode from the lower west side to Brooklyn (threading thru swarms of tourists, cyclists and locals enjoying a 70 degree day on the Brooklyn bridge. Had lunch there, then back across the manhattan bridge to Chinatown. Had a little trouble when the bike lane abruptly ended around Union Square, but soon found another on Sixth Ave and got to Times Square. I’ll never complain about the crowds on the Katy Trail after that ride!

  12. callmemisspriss · ·

    I biked to work and was car-free on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday of this week. I’ve been loving the spring weather! I hate to admit it, but it has even been a little warm on the bike when I ride to work in the early afternoon. I’m going to be gathering strategies for keeping cool as the temps rise.

    The only time I used my car was for little trips to grocery store and to take my dogs to the park. Yes, I could have easily biked to the grocery store. Taking the dogs to the park without a car would require a bit of practice or equipment.

  13. Jenny R · ·

    I biked & took the train last Wednesday & Thursday and again today. Last Wed. I even biked to a meeting at a construction site.

  14. Was there a new post for last week? I didnt see anything so I’m not sure where I was to post my car free from last week.

    But things are now about to change for me. I’ll be a Fort Worth Fire Fighter, well in the academy for 7 months, in Downtown Ft.Worth. So I’ll be taking the TRE from downtown dallas to downtown Ft.Worth. It’s going to be a huge change, but I’m excited to be leaving AT&T.

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