Week 9: 1 Day 52 Week No Car Challenge

A proud sponsor of the One Day 52 Week No Car Challenge

A proud sponsor of the One Day 52 Week No Car Challenge


Week 9: And the winner is…

In last week’s post, I asked everyone to share how this challenge has affected their lives when it comes to their relationships.  Most of you responded with some really good comments, and for that I thank  you.  See some of my favorite and best comments below.  Ok, so I know it’s completely subjective, but hey it’s my contest!  The winner of the best story is…Urban Pedal  Read her story here

Also, I asked for a picture of your commutes and Sleepyhead had the best one.  You can collect your beer at Eno’s Pizza Tavern at an upcoming No Car Challenge happy hour!  I’ll let you know a date soon. 

All of you continue to surprise me in that you are very good and prompt at posting each week!  Thank you for caring about this blog and this contest!

Here are a few highlights from Week 8 quotes:

I will be in Mexico this weekend so I thought I’d post now.  I have been car free since Sunday until yesterday. I was on a tight schedule today so I had no time to plan my day around bicycling and DART.  A lot of my friends always ask me if I rode my bike they see me. A lot of them wish they can ride a bike with me, but they don’t have one. I have an extra bicycle I may donate to a friend who really needs it. I have really fell in love with riding my bicycle and all the money I save. Currently I am doing research on starting a bicycle club at school for El Centro College students. Not sure if I should start a club or organize a critical mass, I just want my fellow classmates and students to see the benefits of riding a bike in college. David Rodriguez

Went car-free on Monday since I knew the week was going to be crazy. Rode bike into work and to the gym.  Am very fortunate in the relationship department (in many ways) in that my partner, Rick, is also participating in this challenge. We took our car keys off of our key rings sometime last fall and hung them up in a closet and parked the bikes by the front door. This encourages us to ride more by making it more of a hassle to get the car than to get on the bikes. Besides, the bikes are a lot more fun!!! BikeMan

This week was a unique challenge – I’m in Manila for work. Fortunately my hotel is an easy 10 minute walk from the office through a fairly pedestrian-friendly terrain. I see a few intrepid cyclists here, mainly weaving between cars stuck in traffic or squeezing down sidewalks. Many of my co-workers here commute 1.5-2 hours a day by bus, so I feel pretty lucky to be this close.  I was car-free Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday night we worked late and drove to dinner with a group of coworkers. Thursday night a co-worker insisted on driving me back to the hotel. Friday night I’m going out with a former co-worker and her new husband, so I expect to be driven somewhere but not sure. Saturday morning I’ll cab to the airport, sit in airplanes for 20 hours (ugh) and still get home on Saturday afternoon (love that date line going east!) So here’s my question for the judges: since I have 20 hours in a plane and 4 hours of layovers, can I still count that as another car-free day?? Rick Titone

Even though my wife isnt part of this challenge, and I bet you she forgot I was doing this, but she did mention to me that she doesn’t use the car like she used to. Since moving to downtown she walks most places for lunch or to get her erands done. This week I told her how close the post office was to our home because she had been driving to uptown! Plus, the post office downtown didn’t have huge lines like the others do.  I heard gas prices are high, but I wouldn’t know! :) Art Ortiz

Car free day today – Saturday. Finally finished the major transformation of my bike from a race/road bike to more of a European commuter bike. Changed out the curly handlebars to the wide flt ones. It totally uses different muscles to ride (now that I’m up straight rather than hunched over) so I can tell I’m riding a bit slower for now.  It’s interesting, now that I stop to notice, the impact of my car-free days on my relationships. The last few weeks, I’ve invariably spent some part of the day in someone else’s car. I felt a bit guilt about it at first (car-free=riding in someone else’s car?), but now I realize it’s enhanced my relationships in that I’m hanging with people I care about rather than zipping around all alone in my car. In an unexpected way, it’s brought me closer to people. Not sure it’d have the same effect if I was permanently car-free but it’s good this way.  How to post a photo here??  Photo: http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=10150096491545544&set=a.431326730543.244743.655085543&theater Urban Pedal

Okay, How has this challenge affected me. Well, first I pretty much have it made when it comes to transportation. I live a block from one of the best bus routes in the city (the 164, below the route splits). My job is directly connected to the bus, DART trains and the TRE. On top of that, my wife and I work together so we only need one car and carpool. And my kids are past the age I have to be a taxi driver (I think you should have a special rule for emergency kid trips but its your contest).  I also ride a bike a lot…anywhere from Lake Ray Hubbard to Cedar Hill to 635. I mostly like to stay south of Mockingbird cuz people get meaner as you go north. I have 3 bikes so at least one is in working order. This includes a big tourer with a milk crate on the back so I can make trips to the store no sweat. I brought my Thanksgiving Turkey home on a bike.  So as far as “challenge” goes, this has been a fun and exciting challenge for me. I don’t think it is going to be a big problem for me to finish.  I think the biggest change for me has been on the planning side. It is easy to go most of the day without a car…but I now think ahead to avoid that “one trip”. I also try to make good use of my chances so it isn’t a challenge for everyone else around me.  On the really fun side, there is happy hour too. Maybe I will save that discussion for later.  Peace.  Sleepyhead http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=195824977109060&set=a.195824903775734.50563.100000446773422&theater


  1. Jenny R. · ·

    Bike and train again today. It’s great weather for it.

  2. Sleepy Head · ·

    oh baby…free beer! thanks. I went car-free Tuesday this week. I woke up and intended to throw the bike on the bus but it was so beautiful. I figured it was about the last chance I would have to ride all the way to work without getting sweaty so I rode all the way, about 12 miles. I met another bike commuter along the way – he was a lot more organized than me – and we chatted along the way. It turns out he knew one of our illustrious local female riders but didn’t know she rode. Small world or bicycle magnetism? Who knows.

    On the way back home, I stopped at Main Street Park and happy hour’d a bit with the local messenger crew. I stopped by Switching Gears too. Then it was home for home cooking. Some day this summer when it is about 125, I will remember the cool weather.


  3. Bike Man · ·

    Went car free Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday by taking DART to work and riding my bike to the gym. Also was car free today (Friday) by riding my bike to work. Was great weather!!! My challenge is going to be going car free on the weekends. I hope this spring/summer I can do that some. We’ll see!!!

  4. I went car free most of this week, but today I used my car to take my wife to the Dr. in Richardson. We gassed up for the first time in over 2 weeks! And gas is VERY expensive. After coming come I felt “dirty” so I had to work on my MTB to start riding the trails with the nice weather we have.

    You guys have a great week!

  5. David Rodriguez · ·

    I tried to go car free this week but it was kind of hard due to the fact that I just got back from Mexico and I got a common cold as soon as I crossed the border. I didn’t go a full 24 hours car free but I did ride my bike on wednesday and thursday part of those days. I am still sick today but feeling better. I will make up my car free day starting tomorrow for the mardi gras in OC.

  6. Rick Titone · ·

    I had to run errands in the Monday, but managed to stay ca-free Tuesday thru Friday. Biked to work four days and to the gym three days. Weather has been perfect for riding all week except for a bit of wind. Great to be back in the saddle again!

  7. callmemisspriss · ·

    Tuesday was car-free for me. Working from 5-10pm is so much less painful when I bike to work! And I love stopping at a bar (Lakewood Landing this time) for a beer on my way home.

  8. Forgot to post last night, I hope you’ll let it slide 🙂

    Anyway, got my month pass again and went car free Mon, Wed, Thurs and Fri.

    I wish I had gone car free Sat as well.. we went to lunch, I wanted to bike but my wife didn’t want to mess with it. Stopped about a half mile from home to get gas and started up the car.. nothing.. dead battery! Go grab lunch at a nearby restaurant then walk home, return with jumper cables and head to NTB for a new battery. It’s all my wife’s fault 🙂

  9. Sleepy Head · ·

    Mardi Gras was my official bike free day. Even though it was cool in the morning, it was too warm for me to bike all the way in in my work clothes…so I guess we have officially waved winter goodbye. I took a picture of my bike on the orange line I will try to post later.

    I was a little bit of a jackass on the way home and after some thought, I resolved not to do that again.

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