Week 15 and 16: 1 Day 52 Week No Car Challenge

A proud sponsor of the One Day 52 Week No Car Challenge

A proud sponsor of the One Day 52 Week No Car Challenge

Week 15 & 16: Gas? oh, I haven’t noticed

The other day, my wife and I were driving and catching up on a few errands. We’d just gotten back from a trip and the car was low on gas. I pumped, she cleaned the windows. When the final total popped up, she got the sticker shock.  She paid $3.95 for roughly 12 gallons of gas; which totaled about $47. My reaction was a bit different. Not being as in-tune with the most recent gas prices, I felt somewhat indifferent. We both split all of the costs of our one car, with exception of tolls and gas.  I will fill up the tank a couple times a month, but she pays the majority.  I rarely use the vehicle for my own use, and we balance it out with other expenses.

So, the raise in gas prices is affecting everyone, however the choice of moving to one car has minimized the impact of a volatile oil market.  We heard the stories in late winter of the impending increases, but haven’t felt them as much in our pocket books.  I recognize that everyone doesn’t have this choice, but simple behavior changes like walking or riding your bicycle for short trips do make long term changes for the future.


  1. I will be car free each day now as I totalled my car two weeks ago!
    Not in a hurry to search for a new one yet either- enjoying the weather as I pass by the pumps and watch gas creep each week toward $4 a gallon.

  2. Jenny R. · ·

    I biked and took the train today. I don’t usually drive our car at all, but I filled it up the other day and yes, sticker shock… luckily my grocery bike is coming along well and there are 2 grocery stores I’ll be able to easily ride to, so that will cut out some of our car use.

    With the nice weather we’ve been having, I’m going to try to explore 1 bike trail each week and trying to get my husband come along.

  3. Rick Titone · ·

    I had an unusual week of car-dependent activities, but finally managed to stay car-free on Friday. Biking to work and back through gale-force winds was quite a challenge!

  4. Sleepy Head · ·

    I rode my bike to work Friday and was planning on taking a leisurely trip home in the afternoon till I saw all the dust. I ended up jumping on the train with my bike…and then the train got stuck for an hour. It took me two hours in all to make a 45 minute trip. Oh well…but I guess a lot people stuck on the freeway have a 2 hour trip all time. I appreciated the clear lungs at the criterium race today too.

    I didn’t do so well the previous couple of weeks. My high school senior has had a ridiculous schedule at school and needs rides. Alas…although I certainly enjoy spending the time with him.

  5. David Rodriguez · ·

    Yeah gas is expensive, so I been planning my summer at events around a DART station so I can leave my car at home.

    I been riding my bike around, like always. Nothing different, just drinking a little more since it’s nice outside. Finals are around the corner, I can’t wait for this semester to be over with so I can ride my bike all day. Ahh, that’s the life.

  6. Jenny R. · ·

    Ha, what was I saying about nice weather? Car free yesterday, got rained on a little bit, and last Friday I rode my bike and got on the train just in time to get home before the power outages. The wind was intense on Friday – kept trying to push me into the intersection while I waited for the light to change and then I’d try to go as far as I could with a tailwind gust before it would change to a head or crosswind.

  7. Rick Titone · ·

    Another unusually car-heavy week, due to weather and timing. But managed a car-free Wednesday mostly due to working at home. I’ve been visiting family in Florida since Friday, and very car dependent here but hope to rent a bike tomorrow. There’s a 30 mile bike trail just behind my hotel!

  8. Sleepy Head · ·

    I had a bike day Good Friday/Earth Day/89ers Day (if you are from Oklahoma). It was a beautiful day. I went by the Lilypad and Exposition Park on the way home from work. Saw several of my bike friends. My schedule is overload until June 2 so I am just grabbing some bike time when I can. Once my kid gets out of high school and doesn’t need so many late night rides…

  9. Bike Man · ·

    My week 15 is in the 13 14 posting. Here is my week 16:

    Had a car free Wednesday and Thursday with DART trips to work and cycling to the gym. Had to take care of pups so drove in to work on Friday.

  10. Jenny R. · ·

    Here is my week 17:
    Yesterday, I rode my “new” bike on my commute so could test it, and last Friday I rode my bike to commute and then after I got home, the hubby and I went back out on our bikes and rode to Twisted Root for dinner. Probably will ride the bike at least 1 additional day this week.

  11. Sleepy Head · ·

    I rode a lot last week. I took the day off Friday and made the rounds on my bicycle, including having a beer with one of the Biking in Dallas bloggers. I rode the MS150 Saturday.

    I am struggling with the 24 hour rule. I rarely drive but on the other hand…if someone drives in from out of town and gives you a Decemberists ticket but doesn’t want to take DART to the show, what are you supposed to do? If someone is driving back from Fort Worth, do you gratuitously catch the last train or just let your friends drive you? Such pleasant problems to have.

  12. Jenny R. · ·

    I got a car free day in on Wednesday this week. Rode my bike Thursday morning but the chain dropped and actually broke so I had to get a ride home. I had a chain tool with me but no extra chain links. I guess I know what I need to add to my tool bag now.

  13. Jenny R. · ·

    Last week I rode my bike to the train all 5 days Monday-Friday. There were a couple days I had to do errands in the evening and used the car. But I think I got in 3 solid no car days.

  14. Sleepy Head · ·

    this was the last day like this we are going to see for a while…cool temps, light winds, full moon. I hope everyone got a chance to enjoy it.

    Its also National Ride to Work Week. Riding to work is okay, riding home from work is much better.


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