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A BFOC’er just forwarded us the latest StreetFilms work titled Copenhagen through North American Eyes. It is an amazing collection of images and dialog about the potential for a city that embraces multi-modal infrastructure. Fortunately, in Dallas, we’ve overbuilt many of our roads and the potential to create a similar environment is closer than most […]

How to Make Dallas a Livable City, Part 2

In our previous article, we challenged city leaders to set extraordinary goals and to think beyond what is currently the defeatist “Dallas is a car city” mindset. The above picture illustrates a comparison of attitudes towards Dallas city planning and Copenhagen city planning. You’ll notice Dallas looks like a moonscape filled with massive gray parking […]

How to Build a Bike Friendly City Part 2

(A new bike lane in Times Square, NY by Flickr user denali2001) Several interesting articles have come out recently on bicycle culture, and more to the point, the move away from auto-centric planning. The New York Times published an article on Wednesday titled “Is Happiness Still That New Car Smell?”, where an auto industry expert […]

More Copenhagen Bicycle Eye Candy

From Copenhagenize.com:

More from Copenhagen

Our friend Leah, sent us the following video via the Copenhagencyclechic.com site: Someday?

Copenhagen, Bike Capitol of Europe

[reposted from the Oak Cliff Transit Authority Blog] This incredible film clip, from the documentary Contested Streets, outlines how Copenhagen took on the challenge of introducing multi-modal transit options into their downtown. It’s particularly interesting to see entire streets that were once filled with parked cars being transformed into pedestrian only markets. Also, take note […]