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How to Make Dallas a Livable City, Part 2

In our previous article, we challenged city leaders to set extraordinary goals and to think beyond what is currently the defeatist “Dallas is a car city” mindset. The above picture illustrates a comparison of attitudes towards Dallas city planning and Copenhagen city planning. You’ll notice Dallas looks like a moonscape filled with massive gray parking […]

Dallas Should Strive to Become the World’s Most Livable City

Stroget Pedestrian Plaza, Copenhagen, Denmark “Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood…. Make big plans… aim high in hope and work.” Daniel Burnham, Architect of the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair When Danish Planner, Jan Gehl, began his work to make the streets of Copenhagen pedestrian and bicycle friendly, what he […]

Build for Women, and Ridership will increase

(image from Copenhagencyclechic.com) We’ve noted this on multiple occasions here at BFOC, but this recent article in Scientific American goes into greater depth: “Addressing women’s concerns about safety and utility “will go a long way” toward increasing the number of people on two wheels.” Rutgers Planning Professor and bike scholar, John Pucher (who we’ve noted […]

Answers to most common talking points by those opposed to bicycle infrastructure

Dallas is the only major US city without on-street bike lanes. Bike lanes have proven to increase ridership and safety and most every major city in the US is currently undergoing major bicycle infrastructure build-outs. Below are answers to a few common debate points given by those opposed to building bicycle infrastructure: 1) Dallas isn’t […]

Dallas Helmet Law No Longer Enforced

One thing we forgot to note that we learned from today’s ride was that the helmet law in Dallas is no longer being enforced. We’d been told by a few others about this recently, but received official confirmation during the ride from uniformed officers who joined us in the Dallas Bikes to City Hall event. […]

Pics from Last Night’s Critical Mass Ride

One of our favorite shutterbugs, Can Turkyilmaz, uploaded some nice pics from last night’s critical mass ride: More pics on facebook here.

Critical Mass Ride Announced for this Friday

via pedallas.com:

Dallas not a fan of Pedicabs

Last year, at South-by-Southwest in Austin, our main form of transportation from venue to venue was via the incredible pedicab services sprinkled all across the city. It was comfortable, leisurely, and very affordable. We were allowed to stop along the way at a small hot dog vendor, and take in the street life along our […]

Humor: The Inefficacy of Everyday Traffic Control Systems as Represented by Cycle Dallas

In keeping with our tradition of monitoring the anti-bike lane blog, Cycle Dallas, we’ve noticed a peculiar strategy regularly invoked by its author. Simply post pictures of a mangled bicycle in a bike lane, and state with bizarre logic, “See! This proves the failure/inefficacy of bike lanes!…Once again we haven’t found the magic paint that […]

Outside the OC: New Bikeshop near SMU/Katy Trail with Bike Rentals!

While riding down Mockingbird the other day, we ran across a new bike shop located in the old Segway store. You’ll notice from the image above that remnants of the old sign are still in place. This new shop is called Fleetwood’s Kit-Kat, and is filled with new retro styled cruisers built by Felt: They […]