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Aftermass: Bicycling in a post-Critical Mass Portland | November 26th, 7:00 PM @ the Texas Theatre

A rare opportunity to see the great bicycle documentary, Aftermass, and have the filmmaker, Joel Biel, in house for a Q and A at the end.  Also, you’ll get to see it at the legendary Texas Theatre here in Oak Cliff, who is currently raising funds on Seed and Spark to get digital cinema .  […]

Portand Bicycle Advocates at Dallas Bike Works, tonight!

BFOC and local advocate Zach Ford was able to arrange this last minute gathering while they’re in town.  Come meet Elly and Joe (and their dog Ruby) who are on a national tour with their folding Brompton bikes and AMTRAK! They’ll have finger food from The Classic Cup Cafe as well a presentation from Joe. […]

Three Major Bike Infrastructure News Stories this Week in the US

(photo by BikePortland.org) With the rapid pace US cities are beginning to adopt complete streets initiatives, each week seems to offer a new amazing story. This week, three areas took the headlines: – Fort Worth city council unanimously endorsed the Bike Fort Worth plan, which will bring 900 miles worth of trails and bike lanes […]

How Does our New Suspension Bridge Stack Up in Regards to Livability?

(Santiago Calatrava standing next to a model of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in Dallas. Photo by Daniel Driensky) The DJC in Oregon posted an article yesterday comparing Vancouver’s bridges with Portland’s, and the effect these structures have on their communitys’ livability. Since the Trinity Trust has hired Vancouver’s planner, Larry Beasley, this is a […]

Portland Leapfrogs Other US Cities Once Again With New Cycle Track

Was just forwarded this article from bikeportland noting the brand new Cycle Tracks being installed in their city. This project was championed by the Mayor, and uses parked cars as the buffer which creates a dedicated bike lane. You see these throughout Europe where they have been met with great success. This style of bike […]

Blueprint America: Road to the Future

PBS released their latest documentary on the future of US transit planning titled Blueprint America: Road to the Future. In it, they profile Denver’s sprawl and contrast it with Portland’s multi-modal planning. They go through the process of federal spending which promoted car-only modes, where the US Government would give .90 cents on the dollar […]

Accident fatalities in 2008 lowest in Portland history

These two articles just released noting that Portland’s traffic fatality rates are at an all time low. Bike lane infrastructure, and multi-modal planning is considered major contributing factor. “Most other U.S. cities are not seeing the same decline. But European cities are.” Greg Raisman, with Portland’s Department of Transportation notes, “By really thinking about having […]

Bike Powered businesses in Portland

Just ran across this via Boing Boing: Pedaling to Profit: The Upswing of Bike Powered Business “I think the recent explosion in biking is both a return on our communities’ investments in encouragement programs and infrastructure – bike lanes, paths, bike boulevards, etc. – and a sign of increasing concern about economics, health, and the […]

NYT Article on Bicycle Touring in Portland

Another friend of BFOC forwarded us this great article from the New York Times about taking a bicycle vacation to Portland.

Bicycle Crazed Portland Fuels $125 Million Industry

The January 2009 issue of “Oregon Business”, wrote a cover story on the highly successful bicycle industry which has grown throughout Portland since the advent of bicycle infrastructure. As we noted from a past interview with Portland’s bike coordinator, Roger Geller, cycling as a main form of a transit has risen to 8% modal share […]