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Data Returns from Pilot Dedicated Bike Lane Show Across the Board Reductions in Accidents

(9th Avenue Cycle Track, Photo from Flickr user AllwayNY) We had noted the 66% increase in ridership after New York installed 200 miles of bicycle infrastructure in 3 years. Now the data returns from the 9th Avenue pilot dedicated bicycle lane (physically separated) project is in, and showing the following results: • a 36% reduction […]

Ask the Experts: Søren Underlien Jensen and Dr. Lon D. Roberts, PhD.

A study released in Copenhagen titled “Road safety and perceived risk of cycle facilities in Copenhagen”, is sometimes referenced by local Vehicular Cyclists as proof that cycling infrastructure poses a greater safety risk, though they typically avoid the paper’s conclusion which clearly advocates in favor of infrastructure. Noting this confusion, a BFOC commenter posted the […]