Tyler Street Bicycle Block Party! Saturday, June 27th

We’re all about block parties at BFOC, and the soon to be opened Oak Cliff Bicycle Company is all the more reason to celebrate. Come out to Tyler and Seventh Street on Saturday, June 27th from 6:30PM to 11PM. We’ll have bicycles, beer, food from Matt & Rob’s BBQ, two bands-The Happy Bullets & STEW!, the Lollipop Shoppe Go-Go Girls and DJ, and end the night with the classic Bike-In Movie…Pee Wee’s Big Adventure!

Pedal up…we’ll see you there!


Bring blank t-shirts…we’ll be screen printing BFOC shirts in the new shop

Bring blankets/lawnchairs for the movie

The address for the bike shop is 410 N. Tyler Street, Dallas Texas 75208

We’ll have the Lollipop Shoppe go go dancers and DJ at the Cube Creative art gallery across the street from the bike shop at 409A N. Tyler. The film and BBQ will be in the parking lot behind 411 N. Tyler.  If you come to Oak Cliff earlier in the day, be sure to swing by the Bishop Arts District to catch their outdoor sidewalk sale.

7PM – Happy Bullets
9PM – Pee Wee’s Big Adventure


  1. Man I would love to be there but I’ll be in Estes Park gettin hitched to my ol’ Lady. I can’t wait to visit the shop when I get back.

  2. Mr Christopher · ·

    Can we get some details on this new bike shop? Where exactly? What brands will they be carrying, services? And do they have a web site yet? Thanks

    ps: when is the next BFOC bike swap?


  3. Details should be coming soon. The shop is set to be at 410 N. Tyler, but the guys are having some problems obtaining a CO due to zoning weirdness.

    As far as brands go, they’ll need to give you the skinny on that. They should be at the party w/details. No website yet.

    Next bike swap will probably be closer to the end of summer, beginning of fall.

  4. Did you guys get your parking/zoning issue worked out?

    FWIW, my wife is an architect who business was zoning and building code consulting in NYC. There when folks encountered this problem, a common solution was to attack the calculation and seek a waiver or reconsideration based on the floor plan of the store WITH floor stock to argue that the effective square footage was actually lower than that used in the initial calculation by the city. For example if you have a 1,000 sqft store and city requires 5 parking spaces–a parking space for every 200 sqft, you would argue that once stock is in the effective square footage of the store in terms of space to accommodate customers is actually 60% of the original –600 sqft, so only 3 parking spaces should be required instead of 5. Of course a bike shop typically has floor stock that takes up a lot of space!!!

    NYC was full of consultants and expediters who business was to get these variances for owners and occupants. I have no idea what the practice is in Dallas, but thought I would share this in the event that it might be useful.

    Good luck (and how ironic)!

  5. […] sure to swing by the Tyler Street Bicycle Party this Saturday to see the space (which is still under construction), and meet the owners first hand. […]

  6. […] 28, 2009 in Uncategorized Thank you all for coming out and making the first ever Tyler Street Bicycle Block Party a success. The BBQ sold out within three hours, we floated a keg along with emptying 10 cases of […]

  7. […] was great to see so many little ones out and about at the bicycle block party on Saturday. BFOC has several plans in the work to reach out more to young families and kids in the near […]

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