Dallas home to some of the angriest drivers. 88% of teens text or use cell phones while driving

A recent survey picked up by the Dallas Observer notes that Dallas ranks second in the nation for angriest drivers.

They also link to a second AllState survey of Texas teen drivers — 52 percent of whom say they’ve driven after drinking alcohol (or with a driver who’d been drinking). And “88% say they text message or talk on their cell phones while driving.”

This is exactly the reason we advocate for the creation of safer bicycle infrastructure and dedicated bike lanes over the philosophy of “sharing the lane”. It’s sad that Fort Worth understands this more than Dallas.

UPDATE: Something we failed to note…Portland’s driver’s ranked lowest in road rage in the same survey. The detractors of bike lanes in Dallas typically state that seperating out the modes only makes drivers more angry at cyclists. The reality follows exactly what we’ve stated all along, and the same that Tempe, and Portland’s planners have noted to us in recent interviews…adding bicycle infrastructure makes drivers more aware, accepting, and in the end, increases safety.


  1. MAX FRISSON · ·

    They’re too stoned in Portland to work up a good head of anger

  2. All those angry drivers are in Dallas – the “FW” part of the title post is incorrect. Check on the UT study link if you don’t believe me. It shows Dallas as cycling hostile while Fort Worth is great. Don’t tar us with y’all’s complexes!

    Portland goes to the opposite extreme. I’ve seen people sit behind a car through an entire green light cycle without making a peep.

  3. Good eye! I just updated it…

  4. Yes please don’t mix up us with you dallas folks. You guys need to stick to your texting while driving, prada bags, and empire blouses that make you look preggo.

  5. ouch. sounds like anger comes in all forms. 😉

  6. Plano, Texas · ·

    I agree with this survey. Having lived in California, Rhode Island, Washington, Hawaii, Virginia and Texas, travelled throughout the world, I must concur – the DFW area is the WORST!

  7. I had MANY more problems in Washington (Seattle & Everett) and also more problems in SoCal than in Tarrant County.

    Honesty compells me to admit that I’ve never really had any problems in Dallas (when on a bike), other than once getting very lightly brushed by branches sticking way out the side of a trailer – and that was within 20 feet of the eastern ciy limits just south of Jefferson Street (leaving Vought Aircraft) as the lawn guy & I were both stopping for the traffic light to cross Jefferson going north. That’s a long way from Oak Cliff, but IS technically Dallas.

    FWIW, the only place I EVER was run off the road was on Lake Washington Blvd between Renton & Bellevue. That was nearly 40 years ago. I imagine conditions are different nowadays. I know I certainly ride differently…

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