DART’s most recent InMotion Quarterly focuses on Bicycles and TOD’s

If you don’t already subscribe to the free InMotion Quarterly put out by DART, I highly suggest you sign up. The most recent edition, which can be viewed online here, has an overview of the light rail, and bus bike-rack systems. Also, an article titled “Home on the Rail”, talks about the changing landscape of the city, and the overall shift to urban living which is being seen across the nation. One notable quote:

“Transit-Oriented development is really a seismic shift in the real estate landscape,” says Jack Matthews, developer and president of Matthews Southwest, “It’s the ‘next big thing,’ and it looks as though it will be the shape cities take in the 21st century.”

As if that wasn’t already obvious…and check out this great image:


  1. Let’s correct some typos…

    “If you don’t already subscribe to the taxpayer-paid-for, self-serving propaganda put out by DART…”

  2. ouch…sounds like someone’s not a fan of public transit.

  3. I do have to make the observation that the lady carrying the triathlon bike on the cover of the DART magazine does not look like any bike commuter I’ve ever seen. I’ve always felt a triathlon bike is a poor choice for city traffic.

    Also, did Dallas recently repeal its helmet law? Perhaps the lady has her helmet strapped to the rear rack that’s cropped out of the picture while she deboards the train.

    DART might do better to use real people instead of models…

  4. The Shimano on that Coppi makes me cry.

    And she could be a cyclist, just not a commuter. The idea of a cycle commuter isn’t mainstream in Dallas just yet and the cover of that mag proves it.

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