Oak Cliff Bicycle Company Selling Pashley’s!

Just got off the phone with the guys at Oak Cliff Bicycle Company, and it looks like they may be carrying the hand-built British classic Pashley bicycles! To me, Pashley is the equivalent of that other classic English manufacturer, Jaguar. These bicycles come decked out with leather Brooks saddles, Sturmey Archer hubs, and super cool British color names like Buckingham Black, and Regency Green. Should be a great thing for our area, and they’ll probably be one of the only dealers within 300 miles to carry these:

Pashley Guv’nor

Pashley Sonnet

And here’s an awesome video of two guys racing at L’Eroica in Chianti, Italy on their Pashley Guv’nor’s…the Italian farm countryside looks gorgeous at dawn:

For more info from the shop, test rides, or pre-orders, the owner Jeremy Ordaz said to drop him a line here and he can provide more details.


  1. jim oliver · ·

    Pashley Bicycles are beautiful, handmade vehicles. the Guv’nor,with it’s pristine simplicity stands out amongst all others in the Pashley lineup. Cheers to those two young men for a job well done! Jim

  2. Centelleo · ·

    Any word on if they’re carrying Pashley yet?

  3. Currently the shop only has the Guv’nor in stock. If you’re looking for one, it only takes three or four days to order and have in store.

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