Oct. 3rd Group Ride: Hellhound On My Trail

As part of our week long Cyclesomatic Bicycle Festival, BFOC presents the third group ride in our history themed series, Hellhound On My Trail. This time, we’ll be highlighting the blues and western swing past of Dallas. Once again, we’ll begin our ride at Dealey Plaza and the grassy knoll at 2:30PM on Saturday, October 3rd. Be sure to arrive a few minutes early, as these history-themed group rides have been getting pretty large (our last one had 300 in attendance). Later that night, pedal over to the Texas Theatre at 7PM to check out the film “Beer Wars”, sponsored by New Belgium Brewery and Eno’s.

The group ride will take us through downtown Dallas and into the cradle of Dallas music history, “Deep Ellum”. From there, we’ll head over to 508 Park Avenue where the legendary Robert Johnson recorded, through the Cedars area to Bob Wills’ Longhorn Ballroom, across the scenic Corinth Street bridge, and onto the stomping grounds of T-Bone Walker. We’ll stop in the Bishop Arts for drinks, and end our tour passing Methodist Hospital, birthplace of Stevie Ray Vaughan.

The ride is approximately 9.5 miles, with some small and medium sized hills. This ride will be weather permitting. Check back prior to the ride date for updates.

The following link is a map of our proposed route: http://tr.im/tjlk

There’s also a Facebook group event for the ride here.


  1. Hopfully the Landmark Commission will not have already greenlit the demolition of 508 Park Ave…

  2. Since I’m clueless bear w/ me please. If I wanted to ride with y’all and I’m coming from Ft Worth, is there a place to park my vehicle that is reasonably close and safe?

  3. Yes! There’s a ton of parking around the Sixth Floor Museum. Or you could take the TRE to Union Station, and just head North a couple of blocks to the grassy knoll.

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