B.I.K.E. the Movie, Set to Open Cyclesomatic on Oct. 2nd

The 10 day bicycle festival, Cyclesomatic, will be hosting events for all ages and types of riders. With that in mind, on the evening of October 2nd, the 75208 bike group will be leading a ride from Downtown to the Texas Theatre, and will be hosting the film B.I.K.E, geared toward the underground bicycle community. It’s been featured in New York, Austin’s Alamo Draughthouse, Amsterdam and more, and finally coming to Dallas. The Chicago Tribune review states:

“This weird, jazzy documentary is like a vegan, anti-consumerist version of a movie like “The Fast and the Furious.” Its subject: the New York chapter of a Minneapolis-based bicycle gang called Black Label Bike Club, which subscribes to an energy-saving, recycling lifestyle while dressing and acting like their shaggy gas-guzzler counterparts, the motorized biker gangs. The BLBC guys also conduct jousting tournaments, where the riders, like modern knights, ride on 6-foot-tall bikes and ram each other with makeshift staffs. Co-director Anthony Howard makes himself a James Dean figure here, a bit of hubris, but you won’t see anything like this soon.”

It’s not for the faint of heart, and definitely carries an R rating, so be advised. View the website for the film here, and a trailer here.

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