BFOC Donates Screen to Texas Theatre, Just in time for Cyclesomatic!

A handful of BFOCer’s hung and mounted a giant screen which was donated by a fellow BFOC member to the Texas Theatre just in time for our upcoming films at Cyclesomatic. We’re getting closer!

All total, it took 7 guys, 3 chains, 2 pulley’s, a ton of rope, and 1 giant ladder. This is exciting news also because the theatre has always had to rent a screen, which has limited the ability to show films due to the added costs. BFOC donating this 20 foot motorized behemoth is going to help the community and the space for years to come!

Tickets for all films are now available online at the theatre’s site here, or you can purchase at the door. Remember, if you bicycle in, you get a discount!

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  1. Lookin’ good.

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