Committee Volunteers Wanted for Annual Alley Cat Race in West Dallas

Press Release from Mercy Street Dallas:

The West Dallas Urban Pursuit

Where is West Dallas? We hear this a lot at the Bicycle Co-Op, which is a social enterprise of Mercy Street Dallas, a non-profit organization, in its tenth year of community development in the neighborhoods of West Dallas. Being cyclists we think a unique race and tour of the assets on bike is the best way for Dallasites to get to know their neighbors that live between the Trinity and I-30 from I-35 to Loop 12.

So, we brought the idea to the Dallas Off Road Bicycle Association and they said RIGHT ON! Our dreams united as DORBA expressed their desire to have a unique race event to cap off the mountain bike season. We invite you to get involved with this event and lend your expertise and passion. Below is a brief description of the race/ride idea and what is needed.

West Dallas and the adjacent neighborhoods of Oak Cliff and Downtown are the perfect backdrop to host an informal bike race known as an Alley Cat. Winning this race does not necessarily depend on how fast you are, but how well you navigate and manage your time. Generally, this type of race does not have a course, but checkpoints are defined and racers who find the shortest path earn points. This race style allows for innovation. For example, racers can perform physical tasks at checkpoints or answer trivia for bonus points. This also acts to break-up the crowd of racers and is fun for spectators to watch!

We realize some folks will not want to participate in this style of race, but would like to tour the area and meet other riders. West Dallas has many great streets, trails and levee roads to ride on. We envision a ride for all age levels and skill types will accompany the race.

There are many details to be worked out, but we are confident that this will be a race and tour that becomes an institution for Dallas. Cities like NYC, Miami and San Francisco have similar events that attract thousands of participants and are supported by merchants and non-profits in a celebration of bicycling and community engagement.

Don’t miss your chance to get involved!

Experience needed in one or more of the following areas: race organizing, community and business outreach, promotions, legal and liability. However, anyone with a passion for bicycling and mentoring will be an asset to the committee.

Committee Meeting

When:Where:For more information call:

214-905-1042Mercy Street, 3801 Holystone St. – Dallas, Texas 75212 Wednesday, September 23rd from6:00 to 7:30 PMIf this sounds like an event that you would like to be a part of please email Andrew Howard at and plan on attending the committee meeting kickoff. This is your chance to help shape the inaugural event and what is sure to be an exciting tradition in Dallas for years to come.

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