Oak Cliff “Ride the Home Tour” Event, Oct. 10th

As part of the 10 day, Cyclesomatic event, BFOC is partnering with the Old Oak Cliff Conservation League for their annual home tour. If you’ve never been before, this is an incredible event where homeowners in the area open their doors to show off their classic homes that date from the early 1900’s to the 1960’s. OOCCL is offering a 10% discount to bicyclists and we’re having everyone meet at the soon-to-be-completed Kessler Theatre at 1230 West Davis. On arrival, you’ll receive a tour of the construction and see the plans for the updated venue. This building was originally built by Gene Autry in the 1940’s, and has been undergoing renovation since the summer. Afterward, the group lead by BFOC member Kenny Cotton, will head out to other spots for the tour.


  1. David & Dorothy · ·

    Some of you bikers there is very familiar with Tradewinds club on west davis and D & D Karaoke!
    We will be doing karaoke again Saturday night of the 10th. 9:00pm t0 2:00am so if you want some place to wind down after the trail ride you are wellcome!
    We would love to ride with you plus our hearts will be with you all on your rides!
    It is hard for us to come from southside of Fort Worth and ride with you but we are all for bycle safety
    so our hearts are with you as I mentioned earlier!
    D & D

  2. […] Home Tour, combining city and craft together Texas style. Saturday will also be the first “Oak Cliff Ride the Tour,” an organized ride that will begin at the Kessler Theater at noon. Participants will receive […]

  3. […] Saturday 12PM – 3PM Ride the Home Tour: […]

  4. Wear your helmets!!!

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