Right-O! Tweed Ride Route Announced

After much toil, we’ve finally struck upon a splendid route for Sunday’s Tweed Ride. Given the regal nature of our attire, we felt a fitting ride must include stops at our fair city’s dandy new art structures. We’ll set off from the Grassy Knoll and make haste along Ross Avenue, naturally passing the Dallas Museum of Art, the stately new Winspear Opera House, and the majestic Wyly Theatre. After taking in these most impressive edifices, we’ll jauntilly pedal by the new Main Street Garden Park, the much heralded Neiman’s Christmas window displays, then pass our lovely old Red Courthouse. We’ll then set off for the Left Banke of Dallas, crossing the old guvnor himself, the Houston Street Viaduct. Once across, hold on to your pipes as we mount a minor hill passing the classic Lake Cliff Park, and arrive at our favorite pub Eno’s in the Bishop Arts District for libations and celebrations. Live vintage-era music will be performed by local crooner Matthew Tolentino, pints will be discounted to all cyclists, and children may partake of soda waters at the adjacent “soda gallery”. After wetting our whistles, we’ll return along Beckley Boulevard, and back to Dealey Plaza.


  1. JaegerWulf · ·

    Which station is better for getting to the Knoll? West End or Union?

  2. I’d do West End, as Union Station drops you off at Houston Street which is a one-way going the wrong direction.

  3. In the motor bike community they have a bike event where the Rockers and the Mods get together. I’m thinking if we had a ride with the Goths and the Tweeds it might be kind of catchy.

  4. Keep up the good work!!!

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