Curious about bicycling to work? Join us Thursday mornings for a weekly downtown ride

We’ve had many OCer’s ask about bicycling to work, and how to best get started. Since it’s always more fun to ride as a group (along with greater safety in numbers), we’re going to begin a regular Thursday morning ride starting at Espumoso Cafe in the Bishop Arts District to Downtown. The owners at Espumoso have graciously offered to open 30 minutes early for us (7:30AM), and as you may already know, they offer free coffee with the purchase of a pastry to all bicyclists. We’ll look at leaving between 7:45AM and 8AM and heading in.

It’s a good way to meet your fellow cyclists, it’s cheaper than a gym membership, and will help you learn the ends and outs of urban bicycling.


  1. What an awesome idea! Now…if only I worked downtown.

  2. sleepypasture · ·

    I agree – great idea! Too bad I work a night shift in FW….

  3. What time are you guys leaving?

  4. so, 730 right?

    I’ll most likely be there. I will continue through downtown, Victory Park and the Design District on my way to the Infomart at Oaklawn and I-35. If anyone works in those areas I’d be happy to lead the way.

  5. We’ll leave between 7:45AM and 8AM.

  6. I told Espumoso we’d arrive around 7:30AM. I figure we can leave between 7:45-8 so that everyone can get a cup of coffee or pastry before heading on.

  7. Cool. I work night shift but I’ll probably come for the ride. 😉

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