Tweed Ride Update!

(Tintype photographs by David Sokosh for The New York Times; photographed on Governors Island, New York)

We’ve had over 130 confirm attendance for the Tweed Ride via Facebook and another 160 say they might be attending! We typically have even more show up than just those who confirm from our events listings, so it looks like we’re going to have a pretty huge turnout. Remember, all are welcome, if you dress up or not, and we’re planning on taking a large group photo on the steps of the new UNT Law School across the street from the Main Street Garden Park. We also have had several members of the press who have committed to riding, so it should be a lot of fun.

To get you more inspired for the ride, NPR did a story on Monday on Washington D.C.’s Tweed Ride here.

Also, the NY Times ran a piece in their Style section here.

There should be a lot of international people downtown as November 22nd is also the 46th anniversary of the JFK assassination, so be prepared for a mob of people on the grassy knoll.

And for those still looking for outfit ideas, we’ve been told that Ahab Bowen, Tara to the T, the House of MacGregor, Zola’s Everday Vintage, Target, and Urban Outfitters have some great finds right now. See you all Sunday!

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