Dallas Tweed Ride a Smashing Success!

(photo by Andrea Roberts)

Thank you to all who came out to Dallas first ever Tweed Ride! It was an amazing turnout, with an estimated 200 riders decked out in their smartest apparel, and we couldn't have asked for better weather. Congratulations to Hollis Wakefield for winning the audience award for dandiest rider. Special thanks to Matt Tolentino of the Singapore Slingers for performing live music upon our arrival, and Eno’s for their hospitality and libations! Below are a few photos from the ride, with more being uploaded to the facebook event page here.

(photo by David Wilson)

(photo by Chris Curnutt)

(photo by Raul Bonifacio)

(photo by Andrea Roberts)

(photo by Andrea Roberts)

(photo by Bill Courtney)

(photo by Chris Curnutt)

(photo by Chris Curnutt)

(photo by Chris Curnutt)

(photo by Joe Gregory)

(photo by Raul Bonifacio)

(photo by Raul Bonifacio)

(photo by Raul Bonifacio)

(photo by Richard Wezensky)

(photo by Marco Tore)

(photo by Marco Tore)

(photo by Marco Tore)


  1. […] around downtown and Oak Cliff taking in the sights, sounds and gorgeous weather. Take a look at Bike Friendly Oak Cliff’s recap of the day, and be envious if you weren’t there. Stay tuned for more photo updates on their […]

  2. JaegerWulf · ·

    That was great!

  3. great stuff :^)

  4. I showed up “over-dressed” (i.e. bike shorts and a bike jersey) because I had no idea what to expect.
    I was rather pleasantly surprised.
    Interesting and fun.
    Thanks for holding it AFTER the Cowboy game was over. (We have to keep our priorities straight, because we ARE in Texas, y’know.)

  5. Wow! Great shot, James! Thanks for posting it.

  6. […] attended numerous group rides hosted by Bike Friendly Oak Cliff but the Tweed Ride was one of our favorites.  The sky was sunny and clear – perfect for folks dressed in tweed […]

  7. […] Leave a Comment Tweed rides are happening everywhere, even via our beloved family in Dallas at Bike Friendly Oak Cliff.  Folks get dressed up all dapper in beautiful wool patterns, and they ride bikes just for the […]

  8. […] of the Dallas ride until a reader of this blog sent me a message pointing out my omission. The Dallas Tweed Ride, held on Nov. 22, was organized by Bike Friendly Oak Cliff, one of Dallas’ oldest […]

  9. […] with Photopol.us to see the photo scavenger hunt pics. The next big group ride will be our second Tweed Ride which we’re planning for late November, so start pulling together your wool […]

  10. My photos from Oct 18 “On the Trail of Lee Harvey Oswald” ride. Great fun!

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