BFOC to offer Bicycle Frame Building Classes in 2010

(photo from i,etc.’s photostream)

If you’re a fan of hands on construction, BFOC and the Oak Cliff Bicycle Company are looking to start a bicycle frame building class in January, where we’ll bring in area bike frame builders and have them walk you through the basics of putting together your own bicycle from scratch. We’re planning on partnering with Adamson High School’s auto-shop class, which has everything from welding and machining tools, to a full paint shop, and rolling out a series of weekend classes. For now, seating will be limited, and we’re going to try and keep these priced at $35 per person, to allow for as many people interested in creating their own custom ride take part. Email us at if you’d like to be first on the list to sign up. We’ll provide more details in the coming weeks on teachers/builders and times.


  1. JaegerWulf · ·

    Downright amazing! Thank you for the info and effort. E-mail sent.

  2. Please reserve a seat for me.


  3. This sounds like an incredible opportunity. I would definitely be down with it. Add me to the list too.


  4. Very interested. Thanks, Matt

  5. Mark Howell · ·

    I’m very interested in this, too. I sent an email a while back and never heard anything back about it. I’m also excited about this because I went to Adamson back in the 80s.

  6. Hi Mark,

    We’ve got you down on our list of folks interested in attending. We’re working out the logitsics now, but most everyone involved is away for the holidays, so we’re going to announce details after the new year.

  7. I am very interested as well. Please put me on the list for sure. I can’t wait!!!

  8. Ray Shakamuri · ·

    I am definitely interested as well and would love to attend the frame building course. Sign me up.
    btw, I used to live in Dallas but moved to New Mexico five years ago.

  9. […] to develop a “bike building culture throughout DFW”.  I heartily agree.  So, back in two-oh-nine, they started talking about throwing together a series of lectures / classes to teach a couple of […]

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