Oak Cliff set to get new Bicycle gastro pub!

(OTB Bicycle Cafe in Philadelphia)

We can’t reveal the complete details at the moment, but as of January, work will begin on a new gastro pub in Oak Cliff modeled after those found in Portland. It will be located near the Tyler and Davis area with a large patio and plenty of bicycle parking. This is exciting news, along with multiple bike infrastructure projects being announced on various streets in North Oak Cliff which we will detail soon. Today, members of BFOC and the Oak Cliff Transit Authority (our parent organization) will be recording a video segment at City Hall with Council Members presenting the state of multi-modal initiatives within the area, and our future plans. 2010 is proving to be a very exciting year for bicycle/pedestrian work in Oak Cliff.


  1. Minor correction on the photo: that’s a shot from the OTB in Pittsburgh, PA. The photo came from a FoodBurgh review of OTB.

  2. Looks like it’s going into the old Oak Cliff Mercantile? Unless, of course, the ‘restaurant coming soon’ sign there is for something else. I love that building though. Should be a great spot for some redevelopment.

  3. […] wrote up a piece about the soon to be opened Nova (formerly Kavala). We wrote about the new business going online a few weeks back, and it looks like they’re officially announcing it to the […]

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