Jefferson Median Beautification Project

This morning, a handful of volunteers lead by community organizers Van Johnson and Patrick Boyd, set to work planting the first round of trees on Jefferson’s wide medians in North Oak Cliff as part of a beautification project for the area. These medians run a distance of 1.6 miles and account for the former right-of-way of the original Interurban line connecting Dallas with Fort Worth. Council member Delia Jasso, and Judge Juan Jasso were on hand with shovels and rakes helping set the ground and begin the plantings. This is part of a broader initiative that includes bringing native plants to the medians and development of a bike/ped trail system to connect with the Coombs Creek Trail. The CC Trail is partially built out now, and will eventually connect to the Trinity Strand trail. A couple of BFOC’ers were on hand to snap some shots and help with shovels. For more information, check out the Jefferson Median Beautification Project website here.

(Councilwoman Delia Jasso)


  1. Van Johnson · ·

    Thank you to everyone who came out and helped us. We really appreciate it!

    Here’s a more up to date page for us —

    Van Johnson
    Jefferson Median Beautification Project

  2. Patrick L. Boyd-Lloyd · ·

    Hey Jason – thanks for the great write-up. I’m sure this will only help spur more people on to seeing the project grow.

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