Rollin’ Out to Cyclesomatic 2011

Cyclesomatic 2011

October 7th – 29th

One wheel, two wheel, three wheel, more!  Dust off that saddle, shine up that chrome, strap on your helmet, and wheel on over to a month long celebration of the best fun you’ll have all year on a bicycle!

Cyclesomatic 2011, our nod to the wonderfully simple bicycle, takes place from October 7th – 29th and is filled with over 10 different bicycling events that will guarantee you a good time.

This year’s events include several different group rides around town.  One will take you to the lake for the weekend, one will take you to City Hall, yet another will show you the best Oak Cliff homes have to offer, another will ask you to hunt and snap photos, and even another will show you Dallas history you didn’t even know existed!

Our showcase event will be a demonstration of the best that bicycles have to offer in North Texas, including a BMX half-pipe, bicycle art and crafts, a kids safety course, and 3 different kinds of bicycle races including one in Alley’s, one with palleta carts, and even one that doesn’t go anywhere, as well as much, much more!.  All of this and an exhibition of bicycling inspired organizations, businesses and what our governments are doing to enhance bicycling in our North Texas cities.  You will not be let down!

Furthermore, we’ve got a two feature Bike-In Movie planned, an introduction of  a new trail unveil like no other within the Trinity River Corridor, and a new Cyclecross race that will spook you and the competitors off their saddles.

We’re constantly updating the schedule details on our website, so please keep checking back so you have the most recent information.

Click here to see the full schedule , and learn more about each event by clicking below:

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