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Buffered Bike Lanes Coming to Sylvan/Tyler-Polk

The announcement has been made public that among  the city of Dallas’ next bicycle infrastructure projects is  coming to the Sylvan/Tyler-Polk corridor from I-30 to Davis.  We were told at the Dallas Bicycle Coalition meeting yesterday evening that it should kick off within the next month or so. Here’s the public announcement letter received by […]

Safe Passing Ordinance…Passed!

Bicycling magazine’s ranking of Dallas as the worst bike friendly city earlier this year, is starting to erode away with time and muscle from the Mayor and pro-bicycling councilpersons Griggs, Hunt, Kedane & Greyson. At this mornings council meeting, the city passed the Vulnerable user ordinance, a.k.a “please pass bicycles and other lawful user types […]

Jefferson Boulevard Viaduct to be a Complete Street this Fall

Update:  There is an upcoming town hall meeting that will a meeting with neighbors at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, June 14, at the Hampton Illinois Branch Library This came to us from Councilman Scott Griggs this morning! Complete streets are coming to our Jefferson Boulevard Viaduct! The Jefferson Boulevard Viaduct is being transformed from a one-way, […]

Rollin’ Out to Cyclesomatic 2011

Cyclesomatic 2011 October 7th – 29th One wheel, two wheel, three wheel, more!  Dust off that saddle, shine up that chrome, strap on your helmet, and wheel on over to a month long celebration of the best fun you’ll have all year on a bicycle! Cyclesomatic 2011, our nod to the wonderfully simple bicycle, takes […]

More From the OC Community Gardens: Experiments on Code Hybridization

Article by OC Community Garden Advocate, Scott Griggs In gardening and biology, hybridization is the crossbreeding of two species to create a plant with some characteristics of each parent. We all remember high school botany and the stories of the great Gregor Mendel using hybridization in pea plants to discover that one inheritable trait would […]