Jefferson Boulevard Viaduct to be a Complete Street this Fall

Update:  There is an upcoming town hall meeting that will a meeting with neighbors at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, June 14, at the Hampton Illinois Branch Library

This came to us from Councilman Scott Griggs this morning!

Complete streets are coming to our Jefferson Boulevard Viaduct! The Jefferson Boulevard Viaduct is being transformed from a one-way, bike unfriendly roadway to a 2-way, complete street with a physically separated bicycle facility. This will make the roadway safer for all users and provide much needed connectivity between Bishop Arts and downtown Dallas. Read more here.

The $157,000 project is fully funded and is expected to be completed this fall.  Download the plans and learn more.

One comment

  1. Excellent! After that, it will make perfect sense to connect to both the Katy Trail and Bishop Arts with real bike lanes. When the Katy Trail extension is completed, there’d be continuous bike paths from White Rock Lake and beyond to Bishop Arts!

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