Dallas Parks Foundation’s $100,000 Challenge

Yes, we’re late posting this but hey, sue us, we have lives.  Below is from Chris Paddison
Hike & Bike Co-Chair of the Dallas Parks Foundation.  They’re creating a Dallas Hike and Bike Initiative Fund to help spur development of 6 City of Dallas highlighted projects.  You can donate to help raise matching funds here!

The Dallas Parks Foundation (DPF) is focused on creating a cleaner and
healthier Dallas through the implementation of the newly adopted 2011
Dallas Bike Plan. To assist in this effort DPF has secured an anonymous
donation of $100,000 to be used towards doubling your contribution.

To reach our goal, the Dallas Parks Foundation has created the Dallas Hike
and Bike Initiative Fund. Your gift will help provide the necessary funding to
complete high-priority projects within the Dallas bikeway system.

The first step is to complete the six on-street bicycle infrastructure projects
as identified by the City. On the reverse of this page is a list of these
priorities, as well as a map showing the limits and connectivity of these
projects to each other and existing trails.

There are many ways to make your contribution – call 972-803-1555, email
samuel@dallasparksfoundation.org, or visit http://www.dallasparksfoundation.
org or indicate your contribution at the bottom of this page and mail in the
envelope provided.

Your contribution is important. Your dollars, doubled, can create a better


Chris Paddison
Hike & Bike Co-Chair

Six on-Street Bike Priorities

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