Help BF Duncanville!

We received a recent post on our Bike Friendly Oak Cliff Facebook group page from Bike Friendly Duncanville that we thought we’d pass along here.  If you’re interested in helping be apart , contact Jeff Jones here on FB here: or just reply to this post and we’ll pass along your information.

If you’d like to organize a group to participate as BFOC in their parade, we would be most appreciative.  Simply post your intentions in a reply here or on our FB group.

Hey Bike Friendly Oak Cliff People!
Bike Friendly Duncanville is trying to spread the word about cycling in our little corner of the earth. On December 7th @ 7pm, the Duncanville Christmas parade will be traveling down our newly re-developed Main Street. Bike Friendly Duncanville needs your help in promoting the cycling culture in Duncanville. There is no entry fee and only 2 stipulations you must follow: The float (your bike) must have lights (glows sticks are considered lights) and no dressing up as Santa (he will be the tail end of the parade.) Line up is at 6:20pm. For those of you who may not know, the Duncanville City Council is not fond of the idea of bike lanes. The idea has been presented to them before via Jason Roberts & Andrew Corey Howard and it has not gone any further than the council chambers. Your presence in the parade will help demonstrate that the culture exists and that we will not be ignored. It may even twist them a bit. Message me if you are interested and I will get you all of the details. Find out more, search Bike Friendly Duncanville on Facebook!! Hope to see you at the parade!!

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