Sylvan Avenue Bike Lanes proposed


Sylvan Avenue Bike Lanes Proposed

Public meeting December 10th, Salon Las Americas, 1004 Ft. Worth Avenue, 6pm

Bike Friendly Oak Cliff needs every able bodied person to attend a public meeting December 10th at Salon Las Americas, 1004 Ft. Worth Avenue, 6 pm to review plans for converting the six lane Sylvan Road to four lane, with bike lanes and sidewalks.

A group ride to the meeting is planned for 5:30 pm at Oddfellows in the Bishop Arts District.

Real momentum is finally starting to build for the 2011 Dallas Bike Plan, especially here in Oak Cliff.  In late summer we opened the first buffered bicycle lanes in Dallas on Mary Cliff near Rosemont Elementary, last month we opened the first complete street on a stretch of Bishop Ave, we’re only days away for the first of many segments of stripping on Ft. Worth Ave, and now we’ve got another funded section of Sylvan Ave from I-30 to Colorado Blvd ready for public input.

Currently, the street has no sidewalks, and a blind curve near Colorado that increases accident potential on the roadway. Be sure to head out to show your support for the proposed alignment. The larger the turnout, the better chance we’ll have of getting this infrastructure put into place.

Looking at the image below, this important north/south thoroughfare will get new bicycle facilities in the coming months.  The design proposal takes the 6 lane road down to 4 lanes with 2 buffered bicycle lanes in each direction.  This will finally make this portion of Sylvan a realistic and  direct bicycling route, especially when heading south up that big, winding hill that makes it nearly impossible for most cyclists to use it.  With increasing business development on Ft. Worth Avenue and the Trinity Groves, and the redevelopment of the Continental Avenue bridge as a safe connection across the Trinity, more people will feel safer riding in that direction to get to their favorite destinations.



  1. I would love to see this plan become a reality. Pronto.

  2. I hope they leave a serious climbing lane on the Southbound side going up from the interstate.

  3. Now those are the kind of bike lanes I’m talkin’ about! Just make that buffer wide enough to catch all the debris and convince the lawn mowing companies to now blow all their debris into it! 🙂

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