Build a Better Jason Fundraiser, May 25th

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Our “Don Corleone” of the bicycle friendly world, Jason Roberts, needs our help!  After discovering he had testicular cancer and battling to beat the tar out of it, he’s back on his feet doing what he does best:  Building better blocks, one at a time!  Only now he’s been left with over $40K worth of medical bills!

The folks at BFOC and Go Oak Cliff have his back, and will be hosting an “I Bike Jason” group ride wearing Jason inspired gear to a fundraiser on May 25th, 2013 at the Kessler Theatre.  Here are the details:

When:  May 25th, 2013


Group Ride Meet UpEno’s Pizza Tavern, 7th and Bishop Ave

FundraiserKessler Theatre, 1230 W. Davis St., Dallas, TX 75208


Group Ride Departure:  7:00 Pm

Fundraiser:  Doors open at 7:00 Pm, 8:00 Pm show starts; All Ages

Purchase TicketsClick here; $25 and up

Build a Better Jason” Benefit to Help Beloved Dallas Resident: Bike Ride, Live Music, Art Auction to Help Jason Roberts Defray Cancer Treatment Bills.

He’s run for Congress, built better blocks in cities around the world, helped make Oak Cliff bike friendlier and started a conspiracy of do-gooder artists. For years, Jason Roberts has been busy making Dallas a better place one project at a time but now he needs your help! In 2012, Jason was diagnosed with testicular cancer. After chemotherapy, radiation and surgery he was pronounced cancer free, but while the cancer is gone Roberts still has $40,000 in medical bills

The Kessler Theater in partnership with Go Oak Cliff and Jason Roberts supporters can help Jason fight the costs of his cancer battle. There will be a bike ride, live music and an art auction. The event is $25, but additional donations of any amount of are encouraged. All proceeds will go toward helping Jason erase his medical debt

The “I Bike Jason” bikeride will begin outside of Eno’s at 7:00 p.m. and end at the Kessler. Wearing Jason inspired gear is part of the fun. Comments by special guest will begin at the Kessler at 8:00 and the bands and art auction will begin shortly therafter. Some of Jason’s favorite bands and artist have donated their talents to help raise money. Those bands include John Singer Sergeant – of the Deathray Davies, Austin sensations the White Ghost Shivers, R&B legend Bobby Patterson plus a few surprises.

“Jason is a tremendous person,” said Edwin Cabaniss, Kessler Theater owner. “He gives to his community tirelessly. Build a Better Jason is a way for everyone who knows, loves and appreciates him to help him close the book on his fight with cancer.”


  1. Jason is one of the reason’s I’m doing what I’m doing up here in Peoria. Won’t be in town for it, but I’d be happy to contribute from a distance.

  2. What is an easy way to contribute to Jason’s medical expenses now?

  3. My wife and I are both artists who live (and bike) in Oak Cliff. Is there a way we might be able to donate art for the auction?

    James Michael Starr

  4. jamesmichaelstarr · ·

    My wife and I are artists who live and ride in Oak Cliff. Is there a way we can donate art for the Art Auction?

    James Michael Starr

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