Bike to Work Day Energizer Station, May 17th



A host of activity will be happening on May 17th, better known as Nation Bike to Work Day!  Bike Friendly Oak Cliff is working with BikeDFW and DART  to host its first Energizer Station, modeled off of past events originally created by Bike Friendly Richardson.  There will be 4 other such stations hosted in Dallas and surrounding cities.  Go to for more details!

But, BFOC does things a bit differently down here across the river.  We are hoping to make it the most outrageous Energizer Station to date.  We’ll give you a hint:  Think loud and fun, with a bit of authentic Oak Cliff culture!

Along with all of that fun, we’ll have snacks, beverages, and we’ll be providing bicycle safety checks for folks crossing the Jefferson St Viaduct by bicycle in the new temporary cycle track.

We have several sponsoring businesses including, KIND Healthy Snacks, Zang Triangle apartments, Oak Cliff Bicycle Company and Oak Cliff Cargo Bicycles

The Energizer Station will be open from 6:30 AM – 9:00 AM and will be located directly in the Jefferson St Viaduct’s newly installed cycle track.

A big thank you to our sponsors!

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  1. Isn’t the Jefferson St. Viaduct closed for the trolley line work? I’ll bike over regardless. See you tomorrow, you BMFs!!!

  2. Rode to the station on the viaduct today. Thanks!
    Is Eno’s giving out free beer this afternoon? Mellow Johnny’s is down in Austin. Don’t let those Austinites beat us. Open the taps!!!

  3. Nope. We didn’t give free beer as it was an a.m. energizer station. We did have a three-piece mariachi band on the bridge! Bet you bucks Mellow Johnny’s didn’t have that. TAKE THAT AUSTIN!

  4. Nope, dude. It’s the Houston Viaduct that’s closed. Sounds like someone needs to get out and ride more! ; )

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