Continental Bridge Closing July 8th for Park Construction

This just in from the Assistant Director Sarah Standifer of the Trinity Watershed.  Basically, don’t think you can cross the old bridge after July 8th on a bicycle.  Once complete, a new park will cover the bridge, but still NO dedicated, separate bicycle infrastructure will exist.  Instead, it will be a shared use path.  The $8 million private donor, Mary McDermott Cook, requested that no bicycle or streetcar infrastructure be included in the final design based on her donation to the project.  So, there you have it.


June 21, 2013

Re: Continental Avenue Bridge Closing:

Effective Date – Monday, July 8, 2013

Dear Sir or Madam:

The City of Dallas has been working towards development of destination areas in and along the
Trinity River Corridor as part of the overall planning and implementation efforts. The designs for
the Continental Avenue Bridge and the West Dallas Gateway were coordinated to complement
each other, creating a landmark civic space connecting the existing neighborhoods and emerging
developments with significant public amenities. We appreciate your efforts during the planning.

We are pleased to let you know the construction for the Continental Avenue Bridge and
West Dallas Gateway is beginning. On Monday, July 8, 2013, the Continental Avenue
Bridge will be closing to vehicular traffic. Alternate routes include the Margaret Hunt Hill
Bridge, the Commerce Street Bridge, the Jefferson Viaductl and the Hampton Bridge. The
construction activities are estimated to be complete in late May 2014.

Portable message boards will be in place to inform the public of the upcoming closure and area
residents and businesses should have received notitication of the closure. Attached for your
reference is the notice that was mailed to the residences and businesses in the area as well as
two renderings showing some of the uses and features of the bridge when it reopens.

Every effort is being made to construct this project with the least possible inconvenience to your
neighborhood and commute. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation throughout this

If you have any concerns or need further information, please contact me at (214) 671-9545.


Sarah StandiferY
Assistant Director
Trinity Watershed Management


Aren’t these pretty?

ContinentalAveBridge_001 ContinentalAveBridge_002


  1. Well, the rich get richer and the poor get children.

  2. warren casteel · ·

    So, is the full cost of renovation of the bridge covered by the 8 million, or is the City of Dallas paying part of this with taxpayer money? I think I heard that the City is kicking in several million.

  3. So . . . . does the $ 8 million cover the complete cost of the bridge re-purposing, or is the City of Dallas paying a portion with tax dollars?

  4. I understood it to be a portion of the entire funding. The rest is bond $ from the the Trinity River Project

  5. I hope tax dollars aren’t going to this.

  6. The trinity river corridor project bond funds

  7. wcasteel · ·

    Calgary, and others: To be clear — Tax dollars are going to this project. As discussions have ensued, I have heard numbers from 3 million to 5 million of public tax funding (bond fund). I think the number is now near the top of this range. Ms. Standifer — see above letter — can supply this number, I imagine.

  8. Well that is BS. When will my tax dollars pay for roads CARS can’t use?
    I mean roads not some damn trail path.
    Who is this person? THere needs to be a sitdown with them and have them explain this crap.

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