Would You Like to Be on the BFOC Board?

The events we throw year-round, grants and donations we receive, and infrastructure we advocate for are all determined by our core Board of dedicated volunteers. We’re looking to add a few passionate cyclists from the neighborhood to round-out our reach and capacity to make OC the most bike-friendly neighborhood in Dallas.

If you’re interested, shoot an email to Amanda. Include your contact info as well as why you’re interested in being on the board and what unique skills or experience you bring to the table. We’re hoping to increase the diversity of our board in all kinds of ways so we’re looking for YOU!

Also, keep in mind that the BFOC board is actually the Oak Cliff Transit Authority board, since OCTA is the organizational umbrella. (Yes, OCTA won the federal grant for the street car lines being built!) We also have the iBike Rosemont and Dallas Cycle Style projects under the umbrella. We’re all about awesome walk, bike, trolly, bus, car, and everything-else transportation for our neighborhood.

Time commitment includes meeting once a month and we’re constantly thinking, dreaming, planning, and emailing. Plus occasional events throughout the year – we each ultimately decide how much we’re able to take on though, so it’s up to you what role you’d like to play in the development of our ‘hood.

2013 Board of Directors

Zac Lytle, President
Christian Johnson, VP
Amanda Popken, Treasurer
Andrew Howard, Secretary
Jonathan Braddick
Dylan Holt
Anita Mills
Ean Parsons
Holly Jefferson

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