DART d-Link to the Rescue!

Last week the d-Link saved my butt.

One evening, on my commute home, thanks to the pot-holes up and down Elm Street, from Deep Ellum to downtown, I broke a spoke. I faced a 2-3 mile walk home, through downtown, over the Trinity, by way of the Jefferson Blvd Bridge. Luckily, I remembered the d-Link before I got too stressed.

Bishop Arts District

Bishop Arts District

I had ridden the d-Link previously, mostly to avoid the weather. There always seemed to be very few riders. Much to my surprise, as I boarded, I was greeted by a bus full of commuters. They all appeared to be regulars, chatting with each other like neighbors.

The short trip unexpectedly reminded me of my first ride on the light rail as a child. It was magical.

First, it was FREE and it appeared exactly when I needed it. And second, the buses are so new and clean, just like the trains were when they were brand new.

The d-Link is Route 722 and runs 11am – 11:30pm Monday through Saturday.

If I had not been aware of the d-Link I would have trudged my way up and over the bridge and cussed the pot-holes the entire span. Instead I hopped on a free, climate-controlled bus and reminisced about the magic and wonder of a childhood adventure.

The d-Link is a pilot program that needs our support as a community. If we do not embrace and utilize the service, how will DART know that they are fulfilling a need? Ridership shows the DART our support.

The d-Link is good for Oak Cliff and its residents. It brings business and provides free public transportation throughout the neighborhood and into downtown.

Use the d-Link and support the community. It runs late enough to get to the AAC and back for Mavs and Stars games. Avoid traffic and access the Arts District, Uptown, South Side and Main Street. If nothing else, take your kids for an adventure and create memories that sneak back into their consciousness when they least expect it.

By: Thomas Cantu, Bike Commuter

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