Cycling the Mean Streets of Oak Cliff: A Guide to Making it Out Alive

Oak Cliff is my favorite place to ride, which may sound odd based on its reputation as the rough side of town, but I stand by it.

Oak Cliff rivals the most scenic parts of town. The hills on Colorado Blvd through Kessler Park and around Stevens Park are second to none.

The history and many landmarks throughout Oak Cliff make it a great tourist destination even if you are from the Metroplex.

The Texas Theatre, Dallas Zoo, and beautiful parks like Lake Cliff, Kidd Springs and Kiest Park are all areas of interest. Not to mention, Oak Cliff is home and final resting place to a handful of notable historical figures and celebrities.

The Historical Texas Theatre

The Texas Theatre

Green Means GO!

Green Means GO!

Thanks to the grid-like layout of streets, Oak Cliff is ideal for touring by bicycle. Every main avenue has smaller side streets that run parallel, providing a much safer and enjoyable route for cyclists.
I always avoid cycling on Jefferson Blvd, Davis St, Westmoreland, Hampton and Illinois.
Great alternatives are: 12th St, 7th St, Edgefield and Clarendon.

And these side streets hide secrets, little gems otherwise overlooked. Whether it’s graffiti, a commissioned mural, a cute little house with a porch wrapped all the way around or even a rusted out ol’ bucket of bolts of a Chevy pickup, there is something for you to discover and cherish.

One World, One Bike, One Love.

One World, One Bike, One Love.

Tips for Cycling in a New Part of Town:

1. Plan your route.

Google Maps allows you to select different modes of transportation, from motorist to pedestrian. The bicycle option displays bike routes, lanes and trails on the map in GREEN.
Green Means GO!

2. Ride more carefully in unfamiliar areas.

Not only must cyclists be aware of motor vehicle traffic, unexpected road conditions like potholes are a concern.

3. Follow all traffic laws.

The goal is for motorists to be able to anticipate your actions, so make sure to use hand signals.

4. Avoid roads with heavy traffic.

Although it is your right to ride in the roadway, it may not always be wise.

5. Remember to take your time; there’s no rush.

Enjoy the scenery and don’t worry, Oak Cliff will be there when you get there.

El Si Hay Taqueria

El Si Hay Taqueria

Come enjoy Oak Cliff with us. We have a lot to offer, from the Bishop Arts District to scenic views and don’t forget the best tacos in town!

Thomas Cantu, Oak Cliff Cyclist

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