Bike Friendly Oak Cliff’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

Making a New Year’s Resolution is easy, sticking to it is something totally different.

Happy New Year Dallas!

Happy New Year Dallas!

So we decided to share our goals for 2015, that way we can hold ourselves accountable.

Below is what we would like to accomplish here in Oak Cliff over the next year.

1. Implement a Productive Network of Bike Share Stations in Dallas

The expansion of the Bike Share Program at Fair Park is essential to its success.

The availability of the Bike Share Stations and the system’s convenience will encourage ridership.

Possible locations in Oak Cliff are:

  • Lake Cliff Park

    Fair Park Bike Share

    Fair Park Bike Share

  • Bishop Arts District
  • Texas Theatre
  • North Oak Cliff Public Library
  • Kidd Springs Park
  • Kiest Park
  • Hampton Dart Rail Station
  • Westmoreland Dart Rail Station
  • 8th and Corinth Rd Dart Rail Station
  • The Dallas Zoo
  • Wynnewood Village
  • Pecan Grove Park
  • Stevens Park Golf Course
  • Cedar Crest Golf Course
  • Moore Park/Trinity Trestle Trail

2. Create a Safe Passageway to Ride from Oak Cliff to Trinity Groves

Trinity Groves

Currently the most direct routes are unsafe for cyclists. The newest park in Dallas as well as the locale with the trendiest restaurants is only about 5 miles away from Oak Cliff and should be more accessible by bicycle.

The traffic on Beckley Ave is too fast to ride safely in the street and the sidewalk is too rough to ride.

Not to mention the tunnels at the bottom of the hill remind me of the opening scene of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The other option is a combination of Edgefield Ave and Sylvan Ave. However, the last leg on Sylvan is through an industrial district that I do not feel comfortable riding with a group.

We would love to have greater access to this great new public space.

3. Install A Unique Gateway/Folk Art Sign on the Houston St Viaduct,

to welcome motorists and rail car passengers to our beloved Oak Cliff.

Welcome to Oak Cliff!

Welcome to Oak Cliff!

4. Improve and Repair Streets Including 7th St, Bishop Ave toward the south and Davis St

Pot holes, poor lighting and streets in disrepair may be a nuisance to motorists, but to cyclists, road conditions are critical.

Also, a road that’s safe for cyclists is better for everyone in the community.

No more pot-holes to tear-up motorvehicles, street lights to allow safe driving and deter crime will be appreciated by all our neighbors.

We know we can’t achieve these goals alone; we hope to have your support!

Happy New Year, Oak Cliff, let’s make it a good one!

Bike Friendly Oak Cliff

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