Is it Naïve to Think Bicycles Can Change a City?

A bicycle changed my life. Why not Dallas?

I started riding out of necessity. I had just moved back from Mexico and didn’t have a car.

There was the anticipated benefit of physical activity but also unexpected advantages.

It's gotta be the BIKE.

Bicycle = Chick Magnet

Bicycles are lady magnets. They swoon, “Oh, he CARES about the environment.”

Sorry to burst your bubble, I was just poor and resourceful.

Cycling has also freed me of my dependency on the automobile. I can now get all over the Metroplex by combining cycling and public transportation.

Can you imagine spending less money on gas and vehicle maintenance? That’s a big chunk of the typical American’s monthly budget.

Also, on certain sluggish mornings when I feel less than enthused to punch the clock, at least I have my bike commute to look forward to and enjoy.

But the greatest gift a bicycle has given me is a greater connection to my community.

Cyclists tend to interact more with their neighbors than motorists.

Let's ride!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Bike Gang

When you ride a bicycle, there are no barriers between you and the outside world, no windshield or windows, no steel frame or roof.

It’s easy for a driver to wave and nod through a window. But when you’re on two wheels, those nonverbal greetings turn into Hi’s, Hello’s and How ya doing’s.

Cycling creates a comradery in the neighborhood, better communication between neighbors and most importantly encourages the individual’s engagement in the community.

All the combined effects of cycling bring joy to my life. This may seem insignificant in the grand scheme, but a happy neighbor is a good neighbor.

Good neighbors cultivate better neighborhoods and great neighborhoods impact a city.

So whether you’re in it for the babes or for a better Dallas, get on your bikes and ride!

Thomas Cantu, Community Cyclist

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  1. The best vehicle is the bike!!!

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