Edgefield Ave: Oak Cliff’s North-South Cycling Route

Yesterday I discovered my new favorite bicycle route!

As a cyclist, I often struggle to find a safe, north and south bike route that allows access to all areas of Oak Cliff.

Faces of Elmwood

Faces of Elmwood

Most of the north-south through-ways in Oak Cliff are very hilly, have high speed traffic and are not exactly what I would call “scenic.”

Edgefield Ave. is the perfect solution to our North-South Cycling Dilemma. The street is wide, the traffic is slower and it passes through residential areas.

I knew I could access Kiest Park by use of Edgefield but I had always been intimidated by the distance from North Oak Cliff. It just seemed so far.

Finally I mustered up the guts and to my surprise, the ride was smooth and less strenuous than anticipated.

I’m the kind of cyclist with one speed: all out, pedal to the metal. But the cute houses and bright day seemed to invite me to slow down and savor the scenery.

My favorite stretch of the ride is in Elmwood, between the DART Rail Tracks and Illinois Ave.

Hugo's Tacos

Hugo’s Tacos

There are taquerías, muffler and tire shops, salons, and a boxing gym. Everything you would ever think to ask for or need. A great place for a pit stop and a quick bite.

The only significant road hazards I encountered were on the north side of the intersection of Illinois Ave and Edgefield. The road is really rough there.

Saner Ave on the south end of the route leads straight to Kiest Park.

Edgefield Ave offers access to:

To Edgefield and Beyond!

To Edgefield and Beyond!

1. West Dallas
2. Trinity Groves
3. Belmont Hotel
4. The Foundry
5. Chicken Scratch
6. Sour Grapes Crew Studio
7. Steven’s Park Golf Course
8. Kidd Springs Park
9. Methodist Hospital
10. Lake Cliff Park
11. The Kessler Theater
12. Bishop Arts District
13. The Texas Theatre
14. Dallas Zoo
15. Elmwood Neighborhood
16. Kiest Park
17. Oak Cliff Nature Preserve
Edgefield Ave really is a cyclist’s paradise, so enjoy and ride safe!

Thomas Cantu, Community Cyclist

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  1. Kelton, Lee · ·

    Also, from kiest Park, you can ride over to the Oak Cliff Nature Preserve and ride the DORBA trails!

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