Dallas, You Just Lost Some Cool Points

We can all agree on the “Best State in the Union,” however most Texans disagree on city superiority.

I imagine the argument has raged since William Barret Travis first drew a line in the sand.

Remember the Bikes!

Remember the BICYCLE!

We may always disagree on the best city in Texas, but we can agree on what makes one city “cooler,” than another.

Take the Big 5 for example: Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio. All five have bike share programs.

This may come as a surprise to Dallasites. Yes, Dallas has a bike share. Our bike share program debuted in November, at Fair Park.

Fair Park Bike Share

There are currently two bike share stations.

How does that compare with other cities in Texas?

Bike Friendly Power Rankings:

  1. San Antonio, 55 bike share stations with 450 bicycles
  2. Austin, 45 bike share stations with +-300 bicycles
  3. Fort Worth, 35 bike share stations with 300 bicycles
  4. Houston, 29 bike share stations with 22o bicycles
  5. Dallas, 2 bike share stations with +-20 bicycles

Dallas may have hopped on the bike share bandwagon late, but would any self-respecting Dallasite ever imagine that we are less hip than Houston?

In an interview with The Dallas Morning News, Mayor Mike Rawlings used a restaurant analogy to describe the debut as a soft opening.

Rawlings went on to say that he would like to see the program throughout the city.

Mike on a Bike!

Mike on a Bike!

Let’s hope so. A soft-opening could smother the program’s ability to thrive. A productive bike share relies on a network of stations.

Mr. Rawlings, let me use a telephone analogy to describe Dallas’ bike share.

Two bike share stations are like using two tin cans and string as a telephone. It works great, as long as you’re within shouting distance.

So if Dallas really plans on expanding the bike share program, now is the time to voice your opinion about station location, before the money is spent and the ground is broken.

Thomas Cantu, Community Cyclist

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