DFW & Oak Cliff Community Refurbish over 100 bikes for Neighbors

Last Saturday Bike Friendly Oak Cliff volunteers hosted a refurbished niños bike giveaway and quick-fix bike repair event for the Oak Cliff community. Held at Oak Cliff Brewing at Tyler Station in the outdoor biergarten, families began to line up at 8:30am for the event scheduled 10am-3pm.

The day began with over 55 refurbished kids bikes ready for families to pick out. Over 40 bikes were donated from The Bike Gangs of Fort Worth, a group that receives bikes from the Fort Worth community and the City dumps with community volunteers who fix them up. Another 20 had been donated to the Oak Cliff Bike Synergy shop and were refurbished by bike shop employees for the event. Throughout the day, another 8 bikes were donated by attendees, checked, cleaned, fixed, then given out to other attendees. Thanks to Bike DFW we also gave out over 60 helmets and lights.

While families picked out bikes for kiddos and were fitted for helmets, the rest of the Bike Friendly team worked to fix-up bikes brought in for quick repairs. Five volunteers fixed bikes for 20 people with appointments and an endless stream of drop-ins until well past the event’s end.

The Voter Registration table even signed up 10 neighbors to vote!

We had no idea demand would be so high for this event – we ended up with a list of over 40 families waiting for the the next giveaway event. With SO MANY smiles it was hard to turn away kiddos who wanted a new bike.

Stay tuned for more used-bike drives, and community fix-up events to get bikes ready for the next giveaway event Spring 2021! ike GiveawayBetter yet, reach out to us through social media to see how you can help!

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