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Mary Suhm: Why doesn’t the Continental pedestrian bridge have bicycle infrastructure?

An opinion editorial from BFOC Board Member, Jonathan Braddick: Last week, Robert Wilonsky at the DMN reported about the delays in converting the old Continental bridge into a pedestrian park.  Because I was curious about bicycle infrastructure, and hadn’t fully seen the design plans for the new park.  I wasn’t shocked to find there are […]

Dallas, You’ve Created a Monster

In our last post, I discussed how post-war government intervention systematically dismantled hundreds of years of pedestrian oriented environments by forcing property owners to carve up giant swathes of their private land for parking. What I failed to touch upon was the unsustainable levels of entitlement that now exist for people demanding endless parking and […]

Subsidizing Sprawl

In Dallas, we’re currently faced with a heated debate on growth and the need for improved infrastructure to facilitate future development. Jim Schutze wrote a post on Unfair Park about the recent tollroad debate and how the Mayor is promoting regionalism vs. localism. I was struck by several commenters who dismissed urbanism and multi-modal transit […]

How does this help South Dallas?

The mayor recently stated that construction of the Trinity Toll Road would help grow South Dallas because it would create greater connectivity to jobs in North Dallas and help spur development along the route. Currently, 175 and I-45 carve through incredible South Dallas neighborhoods, and yet the land directly beside these roads has depressed values […]

Highway Removal Projects around the world

Streetfilms did a great job documenting a series of highway removals around the world. The assumption was major traffic back-ups would occur and development would be stifled. You’ll be surprised to find out what really happened:

The Dallas Dilemma

And Now Dallas Has Had a Ciclovia…Will the City Take It On?

While the wind whipped up and tried it’s best to wreck havoc on this past weekend’s first annual Ciclovia de Dallas, the people spoke and came out to enjoy a great event on an historic bridge!  With no cars to fight against, it was clear sailing the entire mile across the old structure, deemed possibly to […]

Bike Friendly Oak Cliff’s recommendation to the Oak Cliff Gateway Committee as published in today’s Oak Cliff People

 As written in today’s   It has been brought to our attention that the Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce is recommending a change to the 2011 Dallas Bike Plan that would directly endanger the lives of pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers by removing safety buffers originally developed by roadway engineering experts, the community, and city leaders. […]

Converting a Road Bike to a Commuter Bike

Below is a post that was originally made on May 7th, 2009.  Since then it has received over 17,633 page views to date, doubling the second place page and trouncing any other post we’ve made since then.  It continues to be a popular daily  page view, so we thought we’d re post!  On a personal […]

Bike Lanes too costly?

Monday, Dallas City Council reviewed details for the implementation of the bike plan as reported by the Dallas Morning News. The gist of the meeting was that the bike plan was unrealistic and is too costly to implement. Somehow other cities across the country manage to build hundreds of miles of bike infrastructure a year, […]