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Council Set to Pass Safe Passing Ordinance

The video above was posted to the Dallas Morning News city hall blog, and shows the head cam and audio of a bicyclist riding and describing how to ride in the new shared bicycle lanes in downtown. Furthermore, Dallas is set to pass its first ever safe passing ordinance at tomorrow’s city council meeting.  It […]

First Buffered Bicycle Lanes in Dallas Installed at Rosemont Elementary

It’s hard to believe the day has finally come when we no longer say Dallas still doesn’t have a dedicated bike lane.  A plan to include bicycle infrastructure at the lower Rosemont Elementary School campus has started bearing fruit this past week when the City of Dallas laid down buffered bicycle lanes and a new […]

Richardson Adds More Bike Lanes

Re-posted from Bike Friendly Richardson New Bike Lanes On Canyon Creek Drive The City of Richardson does it again. We now have some new bike lanes on Canyon Creek Drive, along with some newly repainted bike lanes on Yale Boulevard. As usual, we are grateful that the city has been doing this for cyclists. These are […]

TONIGHT: Show up to support Bike Lanes on Ft. Worth Ave, pass it along!

JOIN THE EVENT ON FB SHOW UP TO SUPPORT BIKE LANES ON FT. WORTH AVE! We need as many bike friendly supporters TONIGHT to attend at, 6:30 PM, June 27th at The Bataan Community Center 3232 Bataan Street, Dallas, TX 75208 for a city of Dallas public meeting.  PLEASE share this with as many people […]

Downtown TIFs allocate funds to crucial bicycle infrastructure

The kick in the pants we needed as a city to rev up the implementation of the 2011 Dallas Bike Plan has spurred more entities to help in getting wet paint on asphalt.   Robert Wilonsky reports today that the Central Core Connector has received small, but significant funding from two local TIF entities to help […]

UPDATE: Show up to support Bike Lanes on Ft. Worth Ave, pass it along!

*Original post had the wrong date of June 20th in the opening paragraph.  The actual date is June 27th.  The post has been corrected below JOIN THE EVENT ON FB SHOW UP TO SUPPORT BIKE LANES ON FT. WORTH AVE! We need as many bike friendly supporters to attend Wednesday, 6:30 PM, June 27th at […]

Kings Highway Conservation District Makes Donation for Bicycle Infrastructure on Kings Highway

We just received word from the president of Kings Highway Conservation District, Jonathan Braddick, also a BFOC Board Member.  Here’s an excerpt from the press release: OAK CLIFF – On Tuesday, June 12th 2012 Kings Highway Conservation District residents approved donating $3,000 of privately raised funds to the City of Dallas for installing bicycle infrastructure […]

What Makes a Bike Friendly City?

In the latest Bicycling Magazine issue, Dallas came out on top.  That’s the top of the Worst Bicycle Friendly city in the country.  We all know there’s great bicycle culture here.  It’s been here for years going back to 1973 when the Greater Dallas Bicyclists first organized.  We also have claim to Lance Armstrong, spending […]

Mary Suhm: Why doesn’t the Continental pedestrian bridge have bicycle infrastructure?

An opinion editorial from BFOC Board Member, Jonathan Braddick: Last week, Robert Wilonsky at the DMN reported about the delays in converting the old Continental bridge into a pedestrian park.  Because I was curious about bicycle infrastructure, and hadn’t fully seen the design plans for the new park.  I wasn’t shocked to find there are […]

Jefferson Boulevard Viaduct to be a Complete Street this Fall

Update:  There is an upcoming town hall meeting that will a meeting with neighbors at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, June 14, at the Hampton Illinois Branch Library This came to us from Councilman Scott Griggs this morning! Complete streets are coming to our Jefferson Boulevard Viaduct! The Jefferson Boulevard Viaduct is being transformed from a one-way, […]