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One Car, No Car Series: A suit, a bicycle and the DART GREEN line

This past week presented a new challenge for me.  I had to be at I-635 and Luna Rd, just west of the I-35 and I-635 crossing.  From north Oak Cliff, that’s approximately 17 miles, one-way.  On top of that, I had to be there by 7:00am! This would normally not have  warranted a posting, but […]

Oak Cliff Cycle Chic

(photo by Elliott Munoz)

Oak Cliff Cycle Chic

  photo by Elliott Munoz As part of a new feature here inspired by, Oak Cliff resident and photographer is going to be posting a semi-regular Oak Cliff Cycle Chic image while riding around the cliff. We have so many people cycling now that we thought it would be fun to show the beauty of commuting by […]