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Why Does Driving Bring Out the Worst in People?

The Freakonomics blog posts a letter from a DFW area police officer asking: “Why does driving bring out the worst in people?” There are interesting rationales discussed in the comments section. One that I’ve heard most is that people tend to feel anonymous inside of a vehicle, causing them to dehumanize others around them. A […]

Study Notes Accident Trends in Cycling

A BFOC fan pointed us to this recent Freakonomics article regarding bicycle accidents. If you forward to the site they referenced (Project Freeride), they break down in greater depth the accidents and their causes, and cite risks associated in other countries. Intersections, of course, being the most common areas (which is the same for pedestrians, […]

Freakonomics Article on Bicycle Inflation in Bike Crazed Cities

A BFOCer forwarded us this interesting article on the prices of bicycles in bike-obsessed cities.