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A BFOC’er just forwarded us the latest StreetFilms work titled Copenhagen through North American Eyes. It is an amazing collection of images and dialog about the potential for a city that embraces multi-modal infrastructure. Fortunately, in Dallas, we’ve overbuilt many of our roads and the potential to create a similar environment is closer than most […]

Bicycle Boulevards Explained on Streetsblog

Streetsblog highlights Bicycle Boulevards in yesterday’s post. These are exciting people first street concepts which have been used to great success in other cities around the world. The streets allow residents to comfortably drive to their residences, but discourage through traffic with special focus on bicycling. The end results are a safer street for children […]

Congressman Earl Blumenauer bicycles in New York’s bike lanes

Streetfilms in New York released this great video of Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenauer bicycling around New York City’s new bike lanes. Blumenauer is the most prominent government official who is an advocate for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure initiatives in the nation. Dallas council member, Angela Hunt, met with him last week in Boston during Railvolution […]

Streetfilms Video on New York Bike Lane Installations

It’s hard to believe how far New York City has come with it’s bicycle infrastructure work in such a short time period. Hiring expert planners and engineers from Denmark proved to be a stroke of genius, and seeing the ridership levels grow is a testimony to the ideas of Jan Gehl, Soren Jenson, and others. […]

How to bring bicycle boulevards to your community guide

Reconnecting America has just uploaded a handbook for those who want to bring modern bicycle boulevards to their communities created by the Initiative for Bicycle & Pedestrian Innovation and Alta Planning + Design. For those unfamiliar with bicycle boulevards, the guide notes that they are “In essence…low-volume and low-speed streets that have been optimized for […]