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Eno’s Gold Sprints Benefit Wrap-up

There was a great turnout last night for the Gold Sprints competition at Eno’s benefeting the family of William Busch. Raul Bonifacio snapped a ton of incredible pics here. Here’s a few:

Why Does Driving Bring Out the Worst in People?

The Freakonomics blog posts a letter from a DFW area police officer asking: “Why does driving bring out the worst in people?” There are interesting rationales discussed in the comments section. One that I’ve heard most is that people tend to feel anonymous inside of a vehicle, causing them to dehumanize others around them. A […]

BFOC Blog Turns 1!

Today marks the one year anniversary of the BFOC blog! We’re excited to note the occasion, and to mark all of the fun accomplishments we’ve managed and or assisted with in such a short time, including: – A community pledge drive to bring 7 bike racks to area businesses – Reclamation of two bike racks […]

More Photos from the Terror On Two Wheels Group Ride From the Dallas Observer

The Dallas Observer posted a slideshow from the Terror on Two Wheels ride here. Danny Fulgencio grabbed some incredible pics.

Pictures from the Terror on Two Wheels Haunted Group Ride

Thanks to everyone who came out and dressed up for the Terror on Two Wheels Group Ride this Saturday. Pee Wee Herman was the crowd favorite, and won the award for the day. Also, extra thanks to Alicia Pol of FMD for coming up with the theme, and Colin Clarke of 75208 for leading the […]

More from the Bicycle Scavenger Hunt and Oktoberfest at Eno’s

Video from earlier in the day at Oktoberfest:

Photos from Oktoberfest and the Scavenger Hunt

Fortunately, we had a perfect day of weather for the Bicycle Photo Scavener Hunt and Oktoberfest. Thirteen teams competed for prizes doled out by the girls at for the hunt, which they should be uploading pics from shortly. Some of the challenges were pretty far out there, including having someone swim in Lake Cliff, […]

BFOC Challenges the Mayor to Bicycle to City Hall

When Boston ranked as Bicycling Magazine’s “Worst City for Bicyling” three years in a row, the Mayor got serious and decided he wanted to make a change. He quickly hired bicycle racing champion, Nicole Freedman, as bicycle coordinator, began reviewing infrastructure planning concepts in cities like Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Portland, purchased himself a three-speed Trek, […]

BFOC Member, Andrea Roberts, Christmas Wish List

Sure it’s not even Halloween yet, but there’s no reason to not start putting my wish list together now. Let’s take a look at some of the items I’d like to be sporting by New Year’s Day: The Pashley Poppy Handmade British bicycles are pretty hard to beat, and now that the Oak Cliff Bicycle […]

Bridging the Divide

We’ve decided to head a new direction with BFOC and stick to the high road in regards to those opposed to our efforts. Forgiveness is divine, and we’d like to adhere to a positive approach only when promoting our work in the community. Letting your emotions get the best of you can often take one […]